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Author Topic: Anya Bombshell - Colchester  (Read 847 times)

26 review(s) for Anya_BOMBSHELL (22 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Well much has been written of Colchester Romanians so I doubt I've anything new to add! This is also my first review so apologies if it's a bit rusty.

Anya is very good communication wise - quick to reply be it text, phone call or AW message. She's very friendly and polite. I'd visited once before to see Issa so I knew where I was going and the protocol with the front door. The flat is tidy but fuck me why is it so hot in there? Even with the fan it was too hot!

Service wise she delivers and has a body to die for. However, and this will probably get me an afternoon in the stocks, she does not do it for me facially (which I know is a weird complaint given I've seen what she looks like on AW). I dunno if I'd go again but I'm glad to have tried her.

26 review(s) found for Anya_BOMBSHELL linked to in above post (22 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

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