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Author Topic: Him, darling, precious, love or babe???  (Read 469 times)

Offline Mendra

I really hate it when I get called darling or Hun, as. I know it's so far from the true... What do you dislike being called

" hello honey" (come shag me and I will take your paper)

Isn't funny how WG's don't use those word words once you are fucking them! But when they want you to cum?

I had a girl a few months ago kept calling me babe. Like every other sentence. "You know what babe..." Listen babe..." do you like xyz babe" etc. Really got to me

Offline Mendra

It just does your head and you feel like WTF??? I am not your babe and you bloody know it!

Offline fredpunter

It saves them the trouble of trying to remember your name

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