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Author Topic: Sensual Carmen, London  (Read 1053 times)

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My first review on UKP. Hope I get the format and style (broadly) right.

Carmen has been on my radar for a while on the recommendation of two ladies I see regularly (Michelle Independent and Platinum Cindy). I decided to take the plunge (so to speak) and I am so happy I did! Her profile says that she is very open minded and punters are invited to ask her anything and "Nothing will shock me". So I sent her an email asking if a slightly odd fetish of mine was possible. Her reply was wonderfully positive "Yeah! I'm up for that". So I put in the booking straight away. Communication was excellent and friendly prior to the session.

When she opened the door, I knew I was in for a good time. She is a really beautiful, sexy girl (from the same county in the UK that I'm from) and very talkative in a way that makes you feel really special. I'm always nervous seeing a new girl for the first time (even though I've been doing this far more often than is good for my wallet) and she put me at ease from the moment I walked through the door. Her flat is very close to Sloane Square tube (five minute walk) in a very impressive building near to the Thames. Very safe feeling and amazingly clean.

As per my request, Carmen was wearing a very sexy schoolgirl outfit with a very sexy black thing body underneath, and being only 19 she looked very convincing in it. I had also requested some lycra spandex wear that she also said she had. After taking a shower, our session started. We started with a bit of kissing and cuddling and she is a very good kisser. We then moved on to a bit of spanking (me on her). She has the most amazing bottom for this; amazingly tight skin and very responsive when spanked. We then moved to BJ and Carmen does go very deep (to the extent that she gags). I checked that she was alright with this and she just kept going. ;-) The best part of the session was just how friendly she was; my fetish is a bit weird and she never once made me feel self conscious about it. Towards the end of the session we moved to the bathroom for a bit of WS and then back to the bedroom to finish with her on top. She then showed me a pink latex dress she had in her wardrobe, so she put it on and got lovely and sweaty (I have a bit of a sweat fetish too, so this was perfect). I came really hard and was absolutely shattered at the end. After recovering for a while with a nice hug, I showered and left.

One of my best punts & I will be back soon. Lovely girl and amazing service.
Banning reason: White-knight review

Is this obe of those bullshit reviews to compensate for the negative?

Shit. First one I've seen.

Well as relevant as this review, did anyone see the republic of Ireland game? What a cracking last 10 minutes

Sorry. Forgot to say welcome to the forum Carmen.

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Damn. Now we'll never know how depraved his weird fetish was....  :cry:

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