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Author Topic: Fucking my way around Europe  (Read 611 times)

Offline budz

Got a thing about Europeans at the moment and interested if anyone can recommend top quality (if they exist!) Polish and Romania WG'S.  I'm based in East Sussex but am prepared to travel for the right girl. Age not too important but under 40 years preferably with blonde hair???

Offline Steely Dan

Don't think you will find any.  I put those nationalities into AW and got no result.  Also I read through the last few weeks of reviews - none.  Mostly British girls here it seems. 

Offline budz

Found that too, might have to try a local parlour who have a few nationalities in. Never been to one before and makes me nervous thinking about it so would much prefer an indie.
I have lots of countries to visit still, so far I have enjoyed the pleasures of Latvia,  Lithuania,  Hungary and today I have a German WG  to see

spend a weekend in Oxford and you will have your pick of Eastern European girls of all ranges. Some of them also seem to be good service providers.

Offline vt

If you're willing to travel, head up to Phoenix in London W2 (Paddington/Marble Arch) and on the right day you can do 5 different nationalities in 2hrs for £160!!  ;)


I recommend...





Roberta or Talida...Romanian


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