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Author Topic: Viva street girls  (Read 1214 times)

Offline nicknack

Hey guys. Just wondering i see a lot of fit girls on vivastreet Street for Glasgow.  Most are probably fake or b&s but just wondering is there any girls from  there that anyone has seen and has actually been decent. Not seen much about recently on aw so looking else where. Any other sites either? Thanks nick
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Offline ickydicky

hi nick. any chance of making a wee bit of a contribution please instead of invariably asking a wide ranging question. eg. who have you been fucking.
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Offline Jock D

Viva Street is a complete lottery...yes there are a few hidden gems...but there are many more complete waste of time/money ads...so you have to be a 'punter' in the truest sense of the word...do you feel lucky?

Offline 7iron

Used it once, a erm... Spanish girl  :lol: complete and utter fat boot. Never again. My 1st bad experience of a Romanian girl. Nowadays I would walk. Haven't done it yet, but having read some of the advice e on here, I am better prepared. Better use g this site to help choose.

Offline ickydicky

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