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Author Topic: Tracking an iPhone  (Read 3661 times)

If you have an iPhone, don't go anywhere you shouldn't be without doing the following:

Settings/Privacy/Location Services... OFF

That turns off the GPS and NOTHING can see where you are.

Sure, you won't be able to use Maps, or anything find out what the Weather is like in your area, but the peace of mind outweights the metereological foresight. Then when you're home, turn it back on.

If you're questioned, say the battery ran out, or you were stuck in a tube tunnel, or that a small nuclear explosion occured close to where you live...

Offline G.Raff

AFAIR, although these may not be smartphones, but the phone company can still track the phone and this info can be passed to law enforcement agencies, if requested.
For punting purposes, this should not affect you, so no need to worry about this part.

Yes, any mobile phone (even if not a smartphone) can be traced by the phone company (and Law Enforcement agencies) as they use the proximity of the actual phone to the mobile phone antennas  - no need for GPS for this process. I believe the method employed is called Triangulation

More info here

That's true...but if you didn't give a name or address when you purchased the phone...what use is the location. Another tip is to never log into google maps and it wont store anything!

Offline Marmalade

Well yeah...

But your phone can still be triangulated.

The best advice is to read or listen to Ed Snowden's advice on the subject (if it's still available somewhere). The guy's the deep expert, but the point that stuck in my mind is how it is all relative. Get the security you need and no more cos every level of security reduces your freedom to do certain other things.

Women love to gossip. Talking is therapeutic for them whereas men want facts. Women will pursue the topic endlessly without thinking about the end result. Look you silly bitches, what if you 'prove' your hubbyslaveother is shagging prostitutes, is your real aim for him to leave you?  Why not just accept it and keep quiet about it? Your marriage might last another few years instead of weeks.

Just have a look at mumsnet.com. They have prattle-threads with titles like, "I think husband has a secret phone" (found his 'other phone' charger) and "Phone call from another woman" (who decided to tell her that her that she was shagging him). There have been rogue prossies who join prossienet and 'give advice' and show women how to spot if hubby is shagging prostitutes (they go on the UKP blacklist but by then the damage is done).

Just get wise.

Offline Marmalade

Maybe add, wimmin also look into these things for the sake of keeping tabs on their sprogs. Control-freakery is built into their whoremoans - oops - hormones.  :D

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