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Author Topic: Felicity of Gracies Girls  (Read 976 times)

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This was a bit of a strange punt for me, because it broke one of my self imposed rules. How it came about was that I was responding to a thread in UKE, and mentioned that I had a bottom age limit of 30 for WGs I would visit, and I was picked up on by Penelope Diamond, a young Gateshead escort.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3066976 or https://www.adultwork.com/Penelope+Diamondx

We got into a brief exchange about this, and I was curious enough to look up her AW profile, and during the conversation she said that she sometimes worked on Teesside for Gracies Girls, as Felicity, so I was intrigued enough by her to say that I would break my age rule and visit her when she was down here next. About a week later the opportunity came up.

I saw Felicity in one of the Stockton flats. First impression, when she opened the door, was that she was extremely pretty. She has what I would call an elfin face, which goes perfectly with the rest of her, she is just over 5 feet tall, and perfectly proportioned. She was wearing a loose black smock dress, with matching bra and panties underneath. She was barefoot, but offered to put her heels on, which I declined, heels don't interest me one way or the other, they are more PSE and I'm more GFE.

The paperwork done, I stripped off and we lay on the bed, Felicity had shed her dress. She began to pet and tease me, quite skilfully, and I asked to kiss. She said that she did this, but not FK, just lips, slightly disappointing but better than nothing. She offered OWO though, which I accepted, and she was very good at it. I found it a bit puzzling that she would happily have my cock in her mouth, but not my tongue, but she said she found FK too intimate, and she was cautious because she'd had some bad experiences, she didn't elaborate.

The bra and panties had come off by now and I offered her RO, which she readily agreed to and lay back. She was very clean and fresh, no complaints from me on that issue.
I can usually get a result with a WG, but after a while I realised that Felicity wasn't going beyond a certain point, although from the sounds she was making she was definitely enjoying it. Again she explained that she felt that allowing a punter to give her an orgasm was too intimate.I have the feeling there may have been some EAS in her past and it shook her a little.
After a little more teasing she put the cap on and rode me a while in cowgirl, then we switched to mish. My little man decided to be in one of his more awkward moods and refused to pop in the condom, so I asked her to finish me by hand, which she did very nicely, lubing her hand and stroking all the way through the climax.

I really liked Felicity, at the moment she is very good, but I think that in a few years, with more experience under her belt, and if she can shed a couple of minor inhibitions, she could be amazing. I wouldn't want to put anyone off seeing her now though, she has a freshness and vitality that is very pleasant to be with, and apart from that she is so very good looking, a real feast for the eyes. She is a very pleasant girl, l don't know her origins but she doesnt have a North East accent, or any accent for that matter, just very well spoken. She comes across as highly intelligent and probably well educated. If she stays the course, then in a few years she could be one of the most desirable escorts in the NE, but well worth a visit now. She doesn't do anal or CIM, but neither do a lot of more experienced WGs, she does accept facials, which aren't my thing, but I thought I'd mention it.

Would I see her again, probably not, but that's down to me, not her, she is too young for me and I prefer larger ladies as some of you know, but anyone who enjoys skilled, pleasant petite girls in their early 20s could do a lot worse.
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17 review(s) found for Bella North linked to in above post (15 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

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Good review, but what does EAS mean ?

urban Dictionary has it as End of Active Service or Explosive Ass Syndrome.  Surely not!

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Good review, but what does EAS mean ?

urban Dictionary has it as End of Active Service or Explosive Ass Syndrome.  Surely not!

It stands for Emotional Attachment Syndrome, it's when a punter starts to get too fond of a WG and mistakenly believes the feeling is mutual. In an extreme form it can lead to demands to stop escorting, stalking, attempting to warn off other punters and all sorts of hassle for the girl. I don't know that this has ever happened to Felicity, I was just making a guess based on her obvious caution against anything too intimate.

Exploding Arse Syndrome sounds far more interesting though.
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Banning reason: Constant attacks on UKP on UKE

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