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Author Topic: Julia - Vivastreet - Leicester  (Read 1097 times)

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Offline maleguy

I was at a loose end late last night and fancied some action. A quick look on viva street and I saw Julia who caught my attention. Nice genuine photos and a cracking pair of tits. Profile link here: http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+westcotes-le3/julia----le3-/135363979

Quick call and confirmed the services, basic kissing, blowjob and sex for £50 for 30 mins. She text me the postcode and off i went.

Arrived, called and was given the house number. Once outside the property, called again and she opened the door. She was dressed in jogging pants and vest but was 100% the girl in the photos. Followed her to the bedroom with a double bed and large tv blasting house music. Sorted out the paperwork and stripped to boxers as we both lay on the bed. A little light kissing, not great if I'm honest as i was expecting more. Tried to persuade her to kiss for longer than 1 second, as is the norm with Romanians, but she wasn't really receptive.

Anyway, removed her vest to reveal her cracking tits. Just over a handful, but firm and bouncy - definitely enhanced but well done in my opinion. I kissed and sucked her nipples which she seemed to enjoy but she was hesitant on actually playing back, so i gently moved her hand over my boxers. She then gave me a little rub which was enough to awaken the big man.

Off with the boxers, condom on with her mouth (nice touch) and she then sucked away. Not the worst technique in the world, a combination of hand and mouth. Asked her to kneel on the floor whilst i stood so i could watch her suck me away which she did. I tried pushing her head forward so she could take it deeper and she obliged.

Sensing i was about to pop, i suggested we fuck. She lay on the bed, and i entered her missionary. Started pumping away slowly and then gradually moved her legs over my shoulders to get in deeper. Played with her tits as I fucked her and she appeared to be enjoying it. Couldn't hold it any longer and filled the bag.

She cleaned me up and we had a little small talk before i left. All in all, a decent punt for £50 late at night. Just be warned, there are 2 girls working in this place and only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom according to Julia. So you might have to wait around in the car if the room is occupied. Would recommend her to anyone wanting a vanilla punt to shoot their load.

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