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Author Topic: Hayley X -X Portsmouth .... Again !  (Read 1305 times)

71 review(s) for Hayley-x-x (71 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/1651645 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hayley%2Dx%2Dx

Hayley is my regular , as she really is the best .... I'd given up doing reviews on our meetings ,- but the last session was so good I thought I'd add another review of this excellent girl ... especially as she has moved to new premises .

Comms as usual were excellent as always . Emails answered promptly . She gave me her new address which is a modernised house not far from her old flat near Fratton Park . Parking was ok . You might struggle in the evening though .

Hayley greeted me at the door in her full school uniform . Not into fantasy role play .... all that 'you've been a naughty girl ' stuff . She just looked SO good in uniform . Had a quick look round the new house ... very modern .Very much a functional working girls  house .

Hayley was immaculately turned out as always . I like to take a few bits of video and pictures...so started off filming Hayley sitting on the edge of the bed ... I'll let you use your imagination ....

OWO then ensued and I couldn't resist probing the thin white cotton panties ..

Mutual rimming and lots of oral sex both ways . Hayley sat on my face for a bit and the view of that bum under a school skirt !
Then doggy ... more oral and the reverse cowgirl in a squatting position

Trying to resist this turning into a porn novel ... I know people don't like that . This was one of the best sessions with Hayley.... and I will return again and again .

The finish was a messy blowjob and then a nice shower in the large bathroom .

No more to add really .. £150 for 1 hour ... everything included (except anal which is extra) . ... and the standard answer to every question to  Hayley 'yes , we can do that ...no problem '

71 review(s) found for Hayley-x-x linked to in above post (71 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Fatdude

It's getting hard to ignore all these positive reviews and I'm liking the new profile pic. My curiosity is definitely building up.

My reservation is price (plus I'll have to create an AW account to make contact).

I normally go for 30 minutes for initial meet. Any experience as to whether that is same level of service and multiple pops ?

I normally go for 30 minutes for initial meet. Any experience as to whether that is same level of service and multiple pops ?

From my experience, you would get multiple pops and same level of service, for the 30 mins, although her enjoys are pretty extensive, so you might find you need more than 30 mins to fully enjoy a long list of what she offers .....

Also just be prepared to book with giving a bit of notice, for this popular  WG! 

Wow fat dude, how many positives does a girl need to make your mind up :D :D

I've seen Hayley from 30 mins to 1 hour and service etc are the same regardless.

Go for it and set up an aw account and sometimes you can get lucky and book her at short notice if you pay attention to her availability.

Online signy

Don't want to appear rude Fatdude, but come on! Please believe that Hayley is an absolute legend. Brilliant 5* service and a great person to be with. Just avoid football days if you want to park.

Save up a couple of your £75 30 minute punts and go and see Hayley for an hour. You won't regret it.

(Sorry. Fluff over!).

Offline oring123

she deveriers in buckets no problems from her all good
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Offline Fatdude

Great replies thanks.  I'm sold !

I should wait for payday but that seems so far off. Watch this space .. Or possibly another positive review going Hayley's way  (by sounds of things)

I'll add to the positive reviews for Hayley.
Had a crap experience trying elsewhere and I won't be bothering with anyone else in the future.

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