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Author Topic: Charlyxxxx - Alcester  (Read 1870 times)

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Having read some reviews on here and checked out her AW profile and website, I decided that I had to arrange a meeting with Charly and a Nuru massage.

Booking: £270,  90 Mins Nuru Massage

Time & Location: 10.00 at Chraly’s rural cottage in Worcestershire. Private parking in her grounds, and no nosey neighbours. Perfect

Comms: Very efficient via AW. Managed to arrange for the time & date I wanted (which is something of a miracle according to other posters!). Charly insists on a quick call before confirming the meeting for new clients, and this was arranged and accomplished with no fuss. She then texted me her address with some very comprehensive instructions on how to get there.

Event:  Bit of an odd start, as I genuinely didn't recognise at her first glance from her from her pictures, as her hairstyle is different and she greeted me with a beaming smile instead of the sultry one in her profile! But no worries as she is definitely the girl in the pictures. I thought she was jaw-dropping, but that’s because she’s exactly my type! Charly’s lost some weight compared to her profile pictures, but she’s still got curves in all the right places. Firmly curvy, rather than flabby curvy I’d say. Large firm breasts, firm tummy and good sized hips and big, firm bum. I was greeted with a beaming smile and kiss. I was shown into her sitting room where we sorted out the finances and she led me upstairs to the bedroom, giving me a great view of her fantastic bum wiggling ahead of me.

She left me briefly to undress whilst she fetched me some water, and then gave me a very seductive striptease before leading me to the shower. Some light FK and soapy fun followed before we migrated to her nuru bed where she explained what was going to happen.

Charly then covered me in the nuru gel and began rubbing every inch of her body over every inch of mine - firstly on my back and hen flipped over for the fun bit on my front. This was both relaxing and exciting at the same time, so I just abandoned myself to her as she was very much in control of proceedings and knew exactly what she was doing. This naturally led to OWO and it has to be the best I’ve ever had. Definitely international standard, in my opinion! Then fingering and 69 where she was quite responsive (even though I’m rubbish at it) and ended with more OWO until I couldn’t take any more & popped. No CIM (not in her likes list) or facial but not an issue for me, although the lack of CIM might put some off if it is an important part of the punt. Great fun, even though there was no sex involved.

I then showered and we met up again on the bed where we chatted about this and that until I noticed the time (no clockwatching here) and bid her farewell.

Verdict: The Nuru was a good tick in the box of things to try and was great fun but I don’t think I’d go for it again when Charly has so much more to offer. She’s very seductive, a great kisser and her oral technique is second to none. I’ll definitely be back, but this time for more than just a Nuru massage! The only downside is that she only sees 2 - 3 clients a day in "office" hours so getting enough free time in my schedule to allow for travel and the punt and then getting a booking at that time will be a challenge, but she's definitely worth it.

6 review(s) found for Charlyxxxx linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline rjboi

I love Charly! But getting a visit is damn near impossible as she gets booked up well in advance and I can only do short notice bookings.
She is without doubt the best lady I've seen. Fabulous kissing and owo and very very passionate.  I've loved my time with her, just wish I was able to see her again.

Offline bod666

£270 for 90mins seems very expensive to me  :scare: I can only see £150 for an hour or £275 for 2 hrs on her profile.

The nuru does sound tempting - but not at the price the op paid!

Bod, you're correct. I've checked back and it was a 2 hr booking not 90 mins. Still quite steep, which is why I'm glad to have ticked it off my list and will try something different next time.

Offline testwater

I've been thinking about visiting Charly for a while, you mentioned she has changed her hair, in what way?

She's grown it and had it tied up when we met. Don't worry about it - if you fancy her from her pictures you'll fancy her in real life and you're pretty much guaranteed a good time!

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