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Author Topic: The art of the Blowjob..Tell us WGs what you really want!!!  (Read 11382 times)

Offline thickerdicker

 :yahoo: I have always admired her tits! I like big breats but i am not a real Breat lover but what i like about hers is good size, good shape and lovely big pink areolas! :D Alot of breast can be big but have shit areolas! :sarcastic:

Anyways Pornstar Vicky Vette knows hoe to appreciate fat proper dicks and like the sound effects she gives! :rolleyes: She sucks hards and is not afraid of dick!  Enjoy! :dance:

http://www.vickyathome.com/promo/mgp/vnacams3/   clip 3,very nice! :thumbsup:




Offline cosava

It is about being able to relax your throat and also getting on the right angle.  As most prossies seem to prefer to be on their knees between the punters legs their head is rarely in the right angle to deep throat.  For e to do this I need to be to have my head tilted to one side slightly so I find it best to either hang over the edge of the bed upside down or to be laid to the side of the punter.  It means my throat is in the right angle to receive as deep as need be and it means my Uvula is not hanging in the way so no gag reflex

Most WGs wont like the loss of control over what is happening that this implies hence why they prefer being on their knees. If you can find someone to do it like Cassie...game on  :lol:

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