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Author Topic: Japanese Jayne - Camberley  (Read 478 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3180798 or https://www.adultwork.com/japanese+jayne

There's one born every minute - sucker that is. Today I was that sucker. Don't get me wrong, I three-quarters expected it, but still suckered none the less.

Late morning I was developing an itch, too strong for me to deal with myself. I was not feeling flush, nor looking for love, I just needed assisted release. Onto AW and did a search for a cheap half hour nearby. Up popped a profile I'd not seen before, Japanese Jayne. Now we all know that genuine Japanese courtesans are as rare as rocking horse shit, let alone cute, petite, skinny, 23 year olds from that country. (Alarm Bell 1).

Sent off a text to check availability. "Yes darling, what time you want come?", came the prompt reply. "2.30pm?", I texted. "OK, see you soon" Mmmmm, (Alarm Bell 2). "Where are you?", I sent. "I live in Camberley good for you", came the reply. (Alarm Bell 3). FFS "Yes I know, but where?". I finally received a postcode and set off.

As I'm driving I keep telling myself, not to worry, I'm just going for a quick pump and dump with a cute young oriental, I'm not looking for anything special. And I actually start to believe it.

On arrival get a text directing me to a door leading to 40 odd apartments, but no apartment number, with a request to text again when there. (Alarm Bell 4). When I come upon the door I casually wander past and text that I have arrived whilst trying not to stand out any more than a lone turd floating in a punchbowl. Finally I get the apartment number, ring the bell and in I go. Arrive on the appropriate floor but the landing light auto-sensors don't seem to be operating and it's pitch black. Out with the Iphone torch and I'm literally fumbling about trying to find the apartment in the blackness, Is there anyone out there who wouldn't have quit by now or is it just me?

I finally locate the apartment and ring the bell. Door creaks open and no one is to be seen of course. I step in. Door closes. As predicted, not 23, not petite and definitely not the girl in the pics, but... She has a nice smile and I still have that itch. She directs me to the bedroom and I start to relax (a bit). Now I have her in a bit of light I can safely add 15-20 years to her AW profile. "Where are you from?" I ask. "China" she replies.

She strips off to reveal some very, very saggy tits and prolific stretch marks that were hard to dismiss or ignore. She reaches for my LB and I recipricate by reaching for her pussy. Well she jumps like an innocent American being tasered by a Chicago traffic cop. Pulling away from me she asks if I want some oral. I sigh and agree. "With or without condom?", she asks. "Without, of course". "Extra £10", she says. FFS, I explain to her the failings of her AW profile and that this was a bit late in the day to be dropping in extras. She looks at me blankly, clearly never having seen the profile and decides it's time to phone her boss. After some quick exchanges in Chinese she comes off the phone and says, "OK this time, but next time you must pay extra £10", like there ever was going to be a next time.

Mood has finally been successfully massacred, but I'm determined. She cleans me thoroughly with some wet wipes and sucks for a couple of minutes before directing me to the bed. She sits down beside me and repeatedly spits into a wastepaper basket beside the bed, bit like she'd just swallowed a fly. She then grabs a condom, puts it on and jumps on top. Quietly rotating her hips and staring into empty space she asks if I'm enjoying it. Difficult question to answer. We switch to doggy and I decide that I'm going to pound the fuck out of her in some warped sense of justice and revenge, but frankly I don't even have the will to do that. I pull out and get her to finish me off by hand.

In and out in 12 minutes after paying £60 for half an hour of sexy fun. I sent her pimp a text expressing my dissatisfaction jus to get it off my chest, which of course was immediately ignored.

Only myself to blame, just wanted to give everyone a head's up, definitely one to avoid.

2 review(s) found for japanese jayne linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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