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Author Topic: Alisha-Massage, Wokingham  (Read 2274 times)

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Offline jonasquim

Was at a loose end this lunchtime and fancied sneaking in a punt.
My opportunities are few and far between so I often look to get VFM with looking for plenty of services (OWO, Facials, A etc), but after finnding Carlyxxxcarly wasn't working and looking around I was struggling to find someone on AW who would tick all the boxes to give the confidence to part with my hard earned cash.
So, after checking through the reviews on here, I saw those for Alisha and thought I'd try something different.
I'm glad I did !

Her place is easy to find just outside Wokingham town centre, she has off road parking if required.
I was met at the door with her wearing stockings and suspenders, showing off her curvy figure. She is by no means skinny, but has curves in the right places.
Anyways, what followed was a very sensual body to body massge with oil, first on my back. After having experienced "massages" from escorts, it was a pleasant surprise to find someone who knew what they were doing. The massage on my neck and shoulders was lovely, and she slowly moved my legs apart before joining me on the table, using her whole body.
After a while she asked me turn over and then followed a mix of hand and breast relief with her again rubbing her whole body against me, telling me it was ok to touch and then rubbing her breasts in my face.
I eventually had a rather intense finish between her breasts after which she cleaned us both up before advising we had a few minutes left and would like a further massage on my front or back. I opted for the front and she then spent the time massaging my legs before offering me a shower which I declined as would grab one at home.

Alisha was happy to make smalltalk throughout the session, but not too chatty and I had a throughly enjoyable 30 minutes, leaving relaxed and refreshed.

So in summary, something different from my usual punt and I was worried I'd be disappointed with just a massage and hand job, but I was pleasantly surprised. The massage was excellent, best I've ever had outside of a respectable establishment  ;) and the finish was intense. At 60 quid it may seem expensive compared to some full service escorts in the area, but I left happy, something I foten haven't done when I've taken a gamble on a 60 or 70 quid half hour punt with an escort who turns out not to live up to expectations.

I may be converted to this massage lark.
Thanks to this site, otherwise I never would have tried it !  :drinks:

6 review(s) found for alisha-massage linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Good to hear your experience. IMO her body to body massage technique is very good probably the best as I've seen so far.


I've seen her a couple of times and she is bloody good at both massage and the happy ending. I don't know what it is but she makes me cum so intensely and pretty quickly after I've rolled over. A mixture of oily wank and oily tit wank.

She has great tits - really big but firm and pert. I think she's also pretty hot - a mixture of cute and filth and she has a naughty sexy smile and glint in her eyes when she looks at you whilst playing with your cock. Gets me every time.

For those that are interested, she's also really chatty if you want her to be. She's got large tattoos over her back (not usually my thing but it looks hot on her - something to do with her soft skin and curves). I've also asked about longer than 30 mins but she says she can't do it as she has a back problem - I said she should get a hot Polish girl to rub her big tits all over her and she'd feel much better  :D

I'll do a review to add to this one when I get round to it but basically it's a big positive from me and cut and paste this.

Offline jonasquim

Just popped back for a second appointment, bit more confident to let my hands wander and she was perfectly fine with it.
Lovely girl  :P

Do you know if she allows cum twice? Just thinking that last few mins could've been more oily Tw action.

Just wondering for my "hair trigger" if she would accommodate a 2nd attempt or at least let me stop her in time and slow it down a bit.

She tends to build up so you don't cum until nearly time is up. Although I have to confess that, once she's turned me over on my back and pours oil on my cock and rubs it with hands and tits, it often doesn't take long!

I don't think she'd allow 2 cums, as she carries on with the massage after tidying up if you've got some time left. The idea is that it's supposed to be relaxing and not a "cum all you can" buffet. Although there is no harm in asking. She's very nice and polite.

I've asked about doing an hour and having 2 pops but she says she only likes 30 mins as she has a bad back.

Ok, well I'm trying to arrange a booking at moment and she responded to my AW emails skiing me to call her mobile on AW but no answer yet. Guess that means she's busy and doesn't want to interrupt today's appointments!

Surprised she only has 7 feedback on AW if she's so popular as indicated on UKP.

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