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Author Topic: GEMMA-BROOKES - Leeds (currently)  (Read 1024 times)

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Offline stevedave

https://www.adultwork.com/2958879 or https://www.adultwork.com/GEMMA%2DBROOKES

I've been in two minds about this review. Could easily have been a negative, but I've opted for neutral.

So, I'd spotted Gemma on AW a few days previously, and liked the look of her. Clear face pics, seemed good. Decent body and nice looking tits...but there was something about her profile that I couldn't put my finger on. A lot of "I don't do so and so". But, hangover horn got the better of me, I texted her and set up a 30 minute punt at relatively short notice, for £70. The postcode is on her profile so I knew where I was going, and when I arrived she texted me the flat number...

As an aside, this is the 3rd different girl I've seen in this flat this year - it is sexycleo's flat and she rents it out - and all 3 punts there have been "neutral" (Cleo has been reviewed, the other was BunnyDiamond but I didn't review as it was only a "quicky" 15 minute appointment. Perhaps I should just avoid this flat in future!

Anyway, I made my way up and she let me in. Yes, she's definitely the girl in the pictures, pretty good looking, almost with a Mediterranean look but she's a northern lass. Nice body, size 10 I'd say (bit of a tummy, but that's nit picking) and looks great in stockings, suspenders and all that. She also has a fantastic arse, I cannot deny that.

I got undressed, gave her the cash and we got on the bed. She gave me a brief massage of sorts, with lots of kissing of my back and plenty of feeling of my balls, including giving them a licking. She asked me to turn over and asked if I'd like oral covered or uncovered...OWO it was. Decent, nice shaft licking and a bit of ball play, and I fingered her damp pussy while she was doing it. She got a condom out and put it on me, saying it was time to fuck me...now, this is where it went a bit downhill. I said, well I might cum quickly if we start fucking straight away, and she said well it's ok, we can just have another massage if you do. So, at this point I realised two pops were not on the cards. My fault for not agreeing services earlier.

She got on top and rode me for a couple of minutes, me sucking her very nice tits. I went for a kiss and she kind of turned away...no kissing. Not good. I asked at this point if I could go down on her...yes, fine. This was actually the best part of the punt, she has a nice pussy, clean and tasty and she was very horny, after about 5 minutes she came very hard, shuddering and squirming. No faking here, proper orgasm. I still had the condom on so started fucking her in missionary, again trying for a kiss, but no kiss was forthcoming. Legs over shoulders, fucking her pretty hard and pretty deep...no eye contact, she kept her eyes shut as she groaned and moaned (she might have been enjoying it, but probably not!), until she suggested doggy. She moved round and I slipped in while grabbing hold of her very nice arse, and that was me done fairly soon after.

At this point, there wasn't much more than 15 minutes passed since I took my keks off, but it was clear I wouldn't be getting a round two. We chatted for a bit...she's a nice enough lass, told me she used to work in Leeds a few years back for an agency (McKenzie's) and that she'd gone out and got plastered the night before, which might explain her lack of energy.

More chat as I got dressed, and I left the apartment 25 minutes after entering.

Positives - decent looking, nice body, great arse, nice lass, nice pussy.

Negatives - one pop for £70. If I'd known it was a one pop deal I'd have booked 15 minutes. No kissing.

Overall - Neutral.

I may have caught her on a bad (hungover) day, so as ever YMMV.

6 review(s) found for ENGLISH-EMILYROSE linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline cueball

Thanks for the review bud

Neutral sounds about right, eyes tightly shut is never a good sign, I get the feeling podging me is a  "necessary evil" when they close their eyes.

As for the no kissing, that's a real punt deflater for me.

I won't be following you into this one  :hi:

Offline stevedave

I won't be following you into this one  :hi:

I don't blame you pal. She weren't terrible, just not good enough for me to be thinking when I can go back.

I'm going through a phase of trying to see new lasses to try and find a new "hidden gem", but on the whole it's not been going especially well  :D But, I've got my sights on two or three others, hopefully one of them will pay off...

Offline Tallboy2

Think yourself lucky you can manage 2 pops in 30 mins trev. I struggle with 1 pop in 60! Ha ha ha ha. Oh I'm not laughing now as I just realised I spend more money per pop😢
Thanks for the review bud
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Online mrfishyfoo

Think yourself lucky you can manage 2 pops in 30 mins trev. I struggle with 1 pop in 60! Ha ha ha ha. Oh I'm not laughing now as I just realised I spend more money per pop😢
Thanks for the review bud

Shit lads you are making me feel inadequate.  :cry:

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