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Offline wmpunt

Hey all,

First post here but felt the need to warn everyone about this girl. Booked to see her this morning in her apartment in coventry town centre but was ultimately disappointed. The girl in the profile is very attractive and listed as british (originally said she was scottish - an accent I personally love - in her description but has since been edited out) so I thought i'd pay her a visit but it was too good to be true.

Coms were good in the morning as i called early to book in, however when I showed up outside at the agreed time I was left waiting for half an hour to receive the apartment number and get buzzed in. Not a great start but remained positive as the girl in the profile is very attractive.

Finally got to the apartment door and knocked but was disappointed when the girl from the profile did not open the door. Instead I was greeted by a dumpy looking, snaggle toothed romanian girl. She was topless, wearing nothing but a thong. I entered - perhaps she was leading me in to see the girl from the profile. I entered an empty room with her and she explained that the other girl wasn't available as she went out for a couple of hours but she was willing to fill in. I said I would come back when the girl in the profile returns to which she looked annoyed and said she would go and talk to the girl.

She left the room - was the profile girl here after all!? I waited for a couple of minutes and when she returned she said that the other wouldn't see me.  :unknown:

Don't know what the hell happened, perhaps I caught her on a bad day? perhaps it was too early for her to drag her lazy ass out of bed?

Either way, I wouldn't waste your time and fuel to go and see her as, if she even is the girl in the profile, she couldn't be bothered to to even see me, I can't imagine that she would be enthusiatic about the sex. It also says she is british on her profile which I doubt as her friend was definately eastern european.

Perhaps next time I will try Teeny.Caroline.

Lexylicious profile: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3511997

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Offline getonit

Do you have a link for the snaggletoothed dumpy one?

Offline Ming

nu, într-adevăr eu sunt scottish  :lol:

Ming  :hi:

Offline ThisGuy

I was considering going to see her yesterday, but was a bit suspicious of her profile.

My mind was made up when I saw her verification photo (attached below) - I'm somewhat sceptical about it being the same girl as in the pictures, but if it is, I imagine it's a far truer reflection on how she looks normally.

With regards to teeny Caroline (https://www.adultwork.com/2719958), I saw her a couple of months ago and would be hesitant about recommending her - a couple of points I would make -
quiet resedential area,
tiny (5'2" maybe?) cute girl,
great breats,
small single room with an unmade bed and spiderman wallpaper (I found that slightly offputting),
straight on with a condom for covered oral,
she didn't use lube and was very dry for the main act,
she placed her hand in such a way to stop me getting in fully,
her legs were quite stubbly and could really have used a shave.

That said she was quite nice and friendly and she was my first punt and I was more concerned with her being genuine and not a disguised mugging and I'm not sure how I would have found it if I had a bit more experience and wasn't quite so nervous.

I'm still quite inexperienced punting-wise so I have been holding off on reviews until I have a few more under my belt and know what to expect.

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