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Author Topic: Scarlettjo and friend  (Read 1006 times)

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Online Redevil86

https://www.adultwork.com/2678829 or https://www.adultwork.com/ScarlettJo

Roller coaster ! To say the least, and I do love a roller coaster !

I did a review on scarlettjo the other week, but did this because of the obvious extra dimension that may interest some of you.

Chatting to Scarlett about our next meet and she meantioned her mate Welsh barbie, I tell her she's on my h l and plan to meet her at some point, she suggests a 3 sum ( she knows that's my favourite way to pass time ) and I get the instant horn, date arranged by Scarlett with barbie I confirm and all set to go at hers.
On the day, you all can imadgen the tension and excitement as I set off for work at 6 am so to finish early so to make the trip to hers ( 50 miles ) then about 9 am I get the dreaded text. Crap. and she's off on holiday for a week so no, let's do it tomorrow . Major gutted ! But what can we do .
About three weeks later  ( as I had other meets pre booked ) we chat and Scarlett and welsh barbie could't match date's for now so Scarlett says she will arrange a friend to join us, Scarlett knows what I like, so I left it in her hands to satisfy my needs. This she does.
So with great excitement off I go , I have no idea what will stand before me ? How old ? Blonde ? Brunette ? Tall ? Short ?  Anyway door opens, in I go, Scarlett in a come fuck me dress made of black straps wrapped around her tanned body , leaving nipples , pussy exposed. I look to my left and my heart jumps to the sight of my surprise offering, now my head is desperately trying to keep calm, she's about 5,7 plus heels so all 3 of us were about the same hight , young looking, 25 I think she said , fit, slim body, lovely legs, pert arse, inocent looking , I think bingo went through my mind ( it did ) so little welcome chat introduced to Jessica, and before I know it, the 3 of us are tonguing each other, in a huddle , hands feeling each other, Scarlett pulls my top off and drops my jeans, hands and thighs rubbing my cock, me fingering two pussys, scarlet disappears around the back of Jessica to give her a good licking while I dfk's her while fingering her wet pussy, to be fair this was so horny , Scarlett came up from behind Jessica and stuck her tongue straight in my mouth with Jessica's juices on her tongue (this would happen all through the meet )  lips and face, I licked it all up, shifted on to bed, Scarlett on bed legs spread apart , Jessica and I got stuck in together , finger up sj's arse and we just licked and sucked pussy and tongued each other with s j's pussy juice all over our faces, then Thay both sucked on my cock for a while, then it was Jessica's turn to be played with , s j and I licked , fingered and masterbated her and I did my best to leave no wet patches to be cleaned up, on my back for general cock sucking etc then jesicca mounted me and we dfk's while she rode me and s j licked my balls and cock as it was being rode and Jessica's arse, I told s j to lick jesicass juices up and bring them to me and dfk them in to my mouth while Jessica spat in my mouth in between, she rode me for a good 10 mins, then I could feel the sap rising so Jessica climbed off , off with coat and told Jessica to watch Scarlett suck me off , cim and swallow , wow. we lay there chatting while I wound down , great hour , no, fucking great hour.

This was at £300 for the hour, shall do this again.

Scarlettjo is all things to me, there's not one thing she can't help provide me.
Jesicca, well she is great, and will defiantly see again, the more time went on she got better and better, , she doesnt do cim, but I had Scarlett for that , but Jessica loved the attention of us pleasuring her, and that was a joy, the little gasps and purings where fantastic to hear ,  don't know if she works regulur as I did't ask, I did't recognise her from profiles etc ? I just knew she was Scarlett's mate,  I'll leave that to Scarlett to sort again.

10 review(s) found for ScarlettJo linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Great review, you lucky devil  :drinks: Would be good to know who the mysterious Jessica is. I certainly fancy a bit of that next time I see SJ.

Online Redevil86

Cheers budy,   Just ask Sj,   and she'll sort you .


Another great review from you, you do like your 3somes don't you Red, fair play to you  :thumbsup:

SJ is probably enough filthy woman for my little mind as it is! Throw in another hot and horny woman and I might just explode there and then  :wacko: However, I could always just sit back and watch them go at it whilst I recover. Now you've got me thinking for my next trip  :unknown:

Online Redevil86

Done two ffm, ( 4 mmf ) that's how I met SJ, W B arranged that one ( and she's awsum ) , fmm is the best fun, now a FFFM , that may cause me to internally combust and have a financial meltdown , what a way to go  ( bankrupt )

Haha! What a way to go indeed! Not sure about any additional m's around at the moment - I'm not comfortable enough for that just yet and would feel really nervous with another bloke around. But I won't rule it out. Never say never!

WB was on my list when I last visited and I know her and SJ are mates, so that sounds fucking brilliant too. I just wish my area had a few more genuine, hot and horny English / Welsh girls around. I need to move - have you got a room to rent  :lol:

Online Redevil86

Ha ha , when my o h finds this site ! I'll have three rooms to rent out, oh hang on ? Sorry, she'll have three rooms to rent out ! I'll be in a flat worse than some I've punted in, but until then .

When mine finds out then we can share a hovel somewhere  :D

Offline thatguy

Sounds hot!

Do you have more details on the friend? This sounds like a hot meet?
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