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Author Topic: Milkyjane - Edinburgh  (Read 2670 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3251010 or https://www.adultwork.com/milkyjane

£160 for 1 hour

Looks - pictures in the private gallery are recent and accurate. Small skinny girl with a big ass for her size and big nipples.
Comms - arranged a week in advance via email all relatively quickly. Text to confirm on the day and then a call to get the flat number and be buzzed in.
Location - nice wee studio flat fairly central, close to Edinburgh uni. Only a 10-15 walk from waverly.
Services - dfk, ow, ro, doggy, miss, lots of cowgirl, lots of milk play and a shared shower to finish.

Now this was a pretty niche meet to satisfy a specific kink so probably won't be for everyone but jane is a friendly attentive girl who offers a good gfe so might suit some people for that alone.

Got to the flat was welcomed in and offered a drink and a shower and took both. Came out the shower and Jane was on the bed waiting. Went straight in for dfk which continued throughout the meet, was wet and sloppy and plenty of tongue. Lots of fondling on both sides with me sucking on her tits while fingering her and her giving me a hand job. Went down for ro and she was very responsive without being ott lots of squirming with no fake moaning. Got her close by myself before she talked me through how to make her cum and it worked. Was then my turn and she  pulled out the condom for covered oral. Would have preferred without but it was a thin condom and she had good technique so wasn't terrible. Lots of tongue round the head and she attempted to deep throat to make up for the lack of owo. Then went through various positions before coming. To give jane her due she is great at cowgirl and bounces away while you either kiss her or suck on her tits. Finished by coming over her body while she played with herself. We then both shared a shower to finish and take us to the end of time.

Wasn't rushed out the door and overall was an enjoyable meet even without the owo. Like i said was a pretty specific kink i wanted to try which probably isnt for everyone but if it is be sure to visit her. Lived up to her name with lots of milk play though out; sucking her tits, spraying it on my body and in my mouth, all over her for me to suck and lick off. Tbh if she's still doing it in a few months I'd be tempted to go back.

4 review(s) found for just-jane- linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline ickydicky

not for me but each to his own
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Offline mavgoose

Just to confirm.....

You had a messy time , with some pasteurised cow juice ?

Literally , not metaphorically.

Offline JazzMan

I would be too sacred to try in case I enjoyed it.

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Offline ickydicky

drink a pinta quench a thirsta :thumbsup:
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Safe to say I enjoyed it jazz and it tasted great :drinks:

Offline ickydicky

rather have a pint of lager :drinks:
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Offline weewilly

I've watched lactating porn before and chugged one off but have always been put off by lactating WGs as STIs namely HIV can be got from breastmilk, so it's effectively taking the same chance as bareback. A quick Google will confirm this
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Offline ickydicky

and thats another reason why i would rather have a pint of lager :drinks:
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Offline AVGscot

Thanks for sharing but it's safe to say she was sti free so wasn't exactly something I was worried about.

Offline TKovac

Safe to say?  And you are basing this on what?

Offline inch

The chance of catching HIV from breastmilk as an adult with a well-developed immune system is practically zero (do some research) - there are no examples of this ever happening and it remains only a theoretical risk, made worse if you have open sores or cuts in your mouth.

Simply looking at a WG and deciding she's disease-free on the other hand is mental.

Anyway, OP - thanks for drawing this one to my attention with your review. Her fees fall out of my usual search parameters, but for the extras she's offering I'll make an exception - hoping to arrange a meet, will provide a report if so.

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