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Author Topic: Bella R - York 30 minute incall - Switch & Bait  (Read 770 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3438393 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bella+R

Ah the old Switch & Bait, how many punters have fallen to thee.

I do often wonder; is the Switch & Bait the oldest scam involving the oldest profession? I can picture in ye days of olde, some guy reading a profile that had been chiselled into stone about some girl who 'looks just like Helen of Troy' and turning up to find a Medusa instead. I guess this is the price you can pay for thinking with your dick.

So, thanks to the excellence of Gareth Bale (and the ineptitude of Jo Hart) I'd won some money betting on Bale to score first against England and had the Friday off work. Thought I'd take myself for a change of scenery and headed up to York - I was actually venturing up there to grab some of this amazing Mint Fudge that this shop does in the centre, but on the way up realised I had a bit of extra cash and had an urge to satisfy. Checked on the old Smartphone on the way up on the train and saw Bella's profile.

Now, sometimes you do think a profile is too good to be true, and Bella's pictures were amazing and it listed her nationality as Romanian and so I had a slight doubt in my mind, however there was a small number of positive feedbacks on there from members who had also themselves been left positive feedback from other, well established members. So I thought this one would be legit and so I sent a message away and not long after got a reply saying that she was working in York. I sent a message enquiring about a time and received a response back with the postcode and address. I sent a message or 2 again just giving status of my arrival time on the train, but each time (apart from the address being given) the messages were brief or just a standard 'ok' response.

Got to York and used the map on my phone to work my way towards the location (which is always a nightmare for me as I'm shit at reading maps!). Bella's place was about a 5-10 minute walk from the train station so didn't take me too long to get there. It was a residential area in the centre, decent enough area but when I say residential I don't mean that there were the odd houses scattered around, I mean it was like old style, narrow-street, 60 residences on a road and crammed together type area. It was like walking down a road from Coronation Street. I sent a message saying I was nearly there as I slowly walked down the street. There was a postman doing his round and a couple of other residents going about their business and I was there in my bright raincoat slowly walking down the street trying to act all natural and such. It was probably the most conspicuous I've ever felt on my way to a punt. I'd had the house number sent to me previously so I knew where I was headed. When I came to the number of the one I was looking for, I noticed that there was a car parked in front that had a Czech licence plate. Assumed it was the place but found it curious as it said she was a Romanian national on her profile. Sent a message saying I was outside and got an immediate reply saying 'coming'. I didn't want to stand around as I reckoned everyone on that street knew what was going on there, so I carried on walking passed, looking at my phone so I could pretend I was lost a bit. I was expecting a reply by text to say she was ready, but I didn't get one. When I turned around and headed back the other way, I came to the door and saw that it was open halfway now. Double checked the phone - no other text, so I just stepped in and the door was closed behind me.

I realised then that the full lipped, busty, model-like girl from the pictures on the profile was NOT the girl I would be seeing. To be fair, the girl who greeted me was actually a fit little girl herself (petite, slim, pretty-looking, long blonde hair) wearing a sexy little negligee, but I had been readying myself to see the hot girl from the profile. Oh well, lesson learned.

'Bella' greeted me and locked the door, saying it was nice to meet me and led me further in. The house was very clean, the carpet was incredibly soft - it actually had a feel of just being moved into, as though no one actually lived there. Bella led me down the hall, which was incredibly narrow, and we passed a few closed doors. She led me up not one, not two, but THREE flights of stairs (it was actually pretty good, as she was wearing a thong under her negligee and I got a perfect view of a nice little arse walking up the steps.

We got all the way to the top floor and I was let into a very small bedroom. There were two small, single beds in there and again it was immaculately clean, but I got the impression that it hadn't been resided in long. I handed over the cash and Bella said 'You get undressed now?' and left me to it as she went to hide the money (or pay her 'boss'). I was left alone in a room that was more akin to a guest room you had at your house as a kid that your cousins would stay in when they came over. It must have been at the very top of the house, possibly a loft conversion as half the ceiling was slanted and must have been very close to the outer roof. I hadn't been offered a shower or anything like that (I'd already gotten one before I'd set off to York anyway) so just got undressed and sat on one of the beds. A moment later, Bella came in and straight away asked me to move onto the other bed, which was a little odd. Maybe she room shares with someone and this was their bed, or maybe Bella has her own bed and then a separate 'sex-bed'. Either way, I moved over and lay eagerly on the other bed, which was right under the slanted ceiling. Bella went to grab a rubber and then came over an climbed on top of me.

She didn't put the rubber on straight away, she just held onto it so she wouldn't have to get up to get it later. To be fair to the girl, she was actually quite fit. She has a slim, toned body and small, pert breasts. She started kissing my body and neck and I reciprocated in kind. She had soft, smooth skin and was actually nice to kiss, but when I started kissing her neck and was moving to go for the mouth but she turned her head away - no kissing on the mouth this time then. She did carry on kissing my body and nipples, and moved slowly down. She does have a nice body and it was great to see her peachy little arse sticking up as she moved further down my body.

She then started to lick my balls quite seductively and had a nice technique here. I was ready and looking forwards to a little OWO - but no. She then took the rubber, put it between her lips and did that always-kinda-erotic thing of putting the rubber on with her mouth. A little disheartening, but the Oral after that was actually quite good. Nice technique and after a while she started some quite rigorous deepthroat which felt great. After a while she climbed aboard and eased herself on. She did feel nice and tight and seeing a young, slim body on top of you is always a pleasure to witness, but as she first started riding she gently bumped her head on the narrow ceiling. It wasn't anything major, but it highlighted the absurdness of the layout of the room. She started riding me, and it did feel good to play with her small tits and she did. I ran my hands over her body, grabbing her arse and squeezing it gently, then started to kiss her neck. But again, when I kissed her further it was clear she in no way wanted to kiss on the mouth and it started to kill the mood for me a bit. It was like it was just all about going through the motions. I did think about asking to switch to doggy, but with the smallness of the bed and the room itself I thought that it could end up being an awkward affair, so I realised I just wanted to get it over with and finish up. She rode me a little more and in the end I just let loose and released into the johnny.

Bella climbed off and handed me some wipes. I wiped down and dumped the rubber and wipe in a small bin, but again I wasn't offered a shower or anything like that. Bella was in the room with me as I got dressed and we had a little chat, although the conversation was a little stop start as English isn't her primary language. She was pleasant enough though and she confirmed that she was Romanian. She said that today was actually her last day as she was taking a break. She'd actually gotten some tickets to watch Romania at the Euros in France and so was heading over there. Fair enough, I could see that'd be why you'd want to earn some quick money for.

She led me back down through the house. I passed a number of other bedrooms and I always had the impression that there were others in the house. Who knows, maybe the 'Bella' in the pictures, the model-looking fuck-doll type in the profile was in there somewhere and I'd just caught her during a break or something. 'Bella' got me to the door and thanked me for visiting. She gave me a hug goodbye and then I left. altogether I think I was  in there for just under 20 minutes from a 30 minute punt.

Overall it wasn't a terrible experience. The girl was actually quite sexy, just not the one I had been expecting. The Deepthroat was actually quite good, although covered and the house itself was very clean, if a little too narrow throughout. If it hadn't been for the bait and switch, I might have rated this a neutral, but after my recent punts with Ashley I now only want the higher level of bookings, so probably would still have been a Negative to be honest. Plus when I got to the fudge shop they didn't even have mint flavour in there. Bit of a shit day out in York then, but can't complain too much as it was more or less a 'bonus' and a 'freebie' thanks to Gareth Bale and Jo Hart so although disappointed I wasn't as annoyed as I would have been if it was paid for 'proper' funds.

Moral of the story; if you want some fudge, just go to the local Sainsburys!  :hi:

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Online mrfishyfoo

Excellent review fella. I felt your pain as I read it.

Have to agree that if you had got the "fudge" you went for a neutral would have been in order.

A justified negative in my books.

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Was it this girl you saw

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3506985 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jasmine+Hot23 - Get QR Code

Yup, that's her. And I can tell by that grey carpet that's in one of her main profile pics that's the house I was in, just none of the pics seem to be from that tiny room I was in, ha.

As you can see she is still quite fit, just offered a very rushed service but covered oral was good. I'd say if you know what to expect from her and maybe go for a 30 minute booking it'd be a higher end Neutral rating, which sometimes might be all you needed.

10 review(s) found for Jasmine Hot23 linked to in above post (7 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Allnewman

I saw her for a 15 min booking over day don't see point of any longer with ee girls she's has a great body

Offline Allnewman

Yes shame about the room she said it was due to the next door

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