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Author Topic: Kristina Naveen - Peterborough (Tours)  (Read 653 times)

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I have seen Kristina 5 times over the last 2 years but have only just joined up here so thought it would be a good idea to give her a review. Latest meet was 3 weeks ago at Travelodge in the centre of Peterborough. Very easy access and no reception to pass as it is on one of the upper floors.

Communication with Kristina is always very good. She always drops me an email on AW a few days before she visits Peterborough to let me know when she will be available. We then exchange texts to arrange a suitable time and she texts me the room number when I arrive at the hotel. The lifts to the floors are right inside the entrance so you go straight up to the floor without having to worry about reception or staff.

The photos and description on Kristina's profile are accurate. She is very pretty and has a lovely sultry look about her and a very naughty twinkle in her eye. I'm not into very skinny girls but I'm also not a fan of BBW either and I would describe Kristina as being a natural size. This makes sense to me but might not to anyone else so forgive me if it sounds a bit flaky. Anyway, Kristina has lovely smooth skin which has a nice mocha tone to it, no doubt from her part Indian heritage. She has small breast with nice big nipples which are very responsive. Her best feature though is her ass which is big and round and a delight to behold while in doggy stance.

Kristina always greets me with a nice big kiss and cuddle. Paperwork is exchanged and we then move to the bed where we kiss and caress each others bodies. The clothes come off and the kissing gets more and more passionate with lots of tongue action. Kristina always smells lovely and is clean and fresh at all times, she is a smoker but her breath is always minty fresh and as a non smoker that is important to me. There's nothing worse than going in for some french kissing and tasting an ashtray.

After a few minutes of kissing and touching I make my way down to her pussy which is clean shaven and sweet tasting. Kristina clearly enjoys RO and usually cums 2 or 3 times before I move up for more kissing. Kristina then moves down to give wonderful OWO without having to be asked. She takes her time with lots of kissing and tongue work and a little bit of hand work. She doesnt rush at it like some WG do or give vigorous hand work to try and make you cum more quickly. She has a very good sensual technique and sometimes I just let her stay down there to completion it is so good even though I am a one pop guy.

On my most recent visit I stopped her performing OWO when I was getting close to the edge and put on the condom. Kristina climbed on board for some cowgirl which then turns into missionary and finally doggy. As mentioned doggy is a fabulous way to get the best view of Kristina's glorious ass. After 15 minutes of penetration I am getting ready to cum so its off with the condom for some more OWO to completion. Kristina takes my load in her mouth and swallows making sure she sucks every last drop out of my boyo and continues until I ask her to stop when the vinegar strokes get too intense. I love this as I hate WG who cant wait to get away from the boyo the moment he starts to shoot.

Kristina then moves up for more kissing and a nice post orgasmic chill. She is clearly a very intelligent girl and is studying in London and escorts to pay her way through school. Conversation with her in the post orgasmic embrace is always very enjoyable. She is clever, funny and great all round company. She never clock watches and seems almost reluctant to let me go when our time is up. I know this is all part of the service but it is such a refreshing change from those WG that cant wait to get you out the door the moment the boyo starts twitching.

In conclusion I would say that Kristina is the perfect GFE. She is very pretty, intelligent, knows how to suck and fuck and really understands the concept of a GFE meet. She takes the time to make the experience memorable and 'real'. I have seen many WG over my punting career and it just really seems to click with Kristina in a way that it never has with any other WG. So, if you are looking for a proper GFE then I would definitely recommend Kristina.

4 review(s) found for Kristina Naveen linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline SaneOnes

Thanks for review. Maybe the time has finally come for me taste some Asian goodness. 99% of my punts have been with English girls so far. She would be a good start.

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