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Author Topic: Sophia and Hannah's party in Birmingham  (Read 1860 times)

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I finally got to meet Sophia and Hannah for a party today  :)

https://www.adultwork.com/2516441 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2DxHannahx%2D+

https://www.adultwork.com/2647871 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxsophiarosexx

I think this was the second party that the girls have ever done but at todays party there was a few veteran party goers and its funny when a fellow punter walks in and says " hi John" As I'd met him at a tlc party last year and I'd not recognised him as I meet shit loads of people.
But I can't not remember kidinthecandyshop as we have partied together loads of times  :) And also another forum member kerosene was partying with us today.

The party was at a Birmingham hotel in which was fine and beforehand I asked Sophia what time we were allowed in to sort the money out ect so I went in 15mins before after Sophia had asked me to call her.

Once at the room I was greeted by Sophia and Hannah and they both looked sexy in their underwear and stockings :)
Soon after the other guests arrived and it was time to start and I was stripped off before they could blink :D Hannah came over and gave me a snog and I found her right sexy and I soon had a hard on so she started doing owo on me and another guest and it was right nice and I was soon trying to take my mind off of it to maybe last until sex but it wasn't working so I warned Hannah and she was happy to do cim and she swallowed  :thumbsup:
Whilst all of this was happening kidinthecandyshop and Kerosene were being seen to by Sophia and I sat on the settee having a break but watching Hannah being fucked got me twitching and Sophia had just become free so she came over to me and snogged me until she stuck a condom on me and rode me on the settee for round 2  :)

After a little break I laid on the bed and had Hannah giving me owo whilst being fucked from behind until it was my turn to be fucked. She climbed on me reverse cow girl and this is a position I have a bit of a phobia about as I'm a twat and because I messed up doing it years ago I sometimes do a mental panic and loose my hard on  :dash:  but I fancied Hannah so I was doing ok but I was relieved when she turned around as I then could relax and then soon shot my load  :)
Then it was Sophia's turn again with me laying on the bed having owo whilst kidinthecandyshop banged away at her from behind until we swapped rolls and I fucked her doggie for round 4  :)
Now we had about 10 mins left and Hannah was giving owo with her arse stuck in the air and it reminded me of her profile picture and soon got me going again so on with the condom for round 5  :wacko:

So overall both girls were brilliant and have given me a problem as I want them again and Birmingham's a bit of a trek for me.
But at least I'm already booked in for the wet dreams party next month with other party girls I know so that will be one awesome party.

31 review(s) found for -xHannahx-  linked to in above post (31 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
24 review(s) found for xxsophiarosexx linked to in above post (23 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Excellent review there John. Party was excellent yesterday too  :D

Offline PD101

Yeah the party on Thursday is somewhat of a blur. I tried to remember afterwards what happened, but the memory is just tits and arses!

Saying that, I remember Sophia fucking me on the bed, and on the floor and on the settee, and Hannah fucking me on the bed and me banging her from behind on the settee whilst she sucked another guy...it was constant sucking and fucking! :lol: oh and licking

In summary it was fucking awesome. I was knackered  :wacko:

The bit I definitely remember is three cool guys in the lift who didn't know each other but just happened to be going to the same room... :yahoo:

I thing all of us realised we were going to the same destination  :lol:

Offline Kerosene

Ah yes, this was a good day.

Offline jack0

What was price and ratio and length of party?

I'm slacking and forgot the costs and time. I was knackered when I wrote it though

I'm slacking and forgot the costs and time. I was knackered when I wrote it though

'Knackered'?  I'm surprised you weren't put on an intravenous drip.

It was indeed fun, just a  shame my libido let me down a bit.  Seems to be happening more often of late.

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