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Author Topic: Bella Ragazza Leyton E10 6  (Read 865 times)

10 review(s) for bella_ragazza<3 (3 positive, 5 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


I saw Bella today for a one hour meet this evening.
Service provided was as stated under option 1 for £90.

It was very good and enjoyed myself a lot, but I was in and out in 30 mins and that is why I have submitted a Neutral.


Tried to make a booking for 6pm, she could do earlier or later, agreed 7pm. On my way there I was told I could come earlier so I said I could be there around 15/20 mins earlier. Happy not to wait around, a good start.

18:45 Entered premises at 18:45

Exchanged pleasantries and confirmed that I wanted option 1 for one hour at £90, paid and I requested a quick shower and she went off for a few minutes. Returned with a very small towel approx two feet by one foot. Escorted from the front room to the bathroom whilst holding the towel vertically to cover some part of me. On the way through the lounge area on the sofa was a man, another lady and a little dog. Luckily I was not bothered.

A few minutes later I was back in the front room, she lays the towel on the bed and pops out to get something, I am lying on the bed face up. She returns a few minutes later and we start.

As I lay down legs closed as she applies the condom with the tip in her mouth and slides it down, she then applies a lot of baby oil, I'm prepared as I read her adultwork page and the numerous reports on UKP.

Next followed a very enjoyable b2b with then an invitation to touch her and my hands were lying down my side, she wanted down her side, nice :), then proceeded the occasional insertion via cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, then after some time I politely asked if we could kiss and happily agreed, what followed was very enjoyable.

She asked if I wanted doggie and I happily agreed, after some time I went soft and asked for some oral, she got me hard and we then went into mish with kissing that led to a great climax.

She changed condoms a few times and everything was done covered.

Great feeling then she got up, gave me a clean and then told me she was going to have a shower first then I could, she came a few minutes later, I went to have a shower again going pass the man, lady and dog, showered and returned got changed, said goodbye and left.

19:15 Walking down the road I checked my watch and it was 19:15

I was in and out in 30 mins, give or take 10 mins for the 3 showers, the popping out twice, I probably had 20 minutes of fun time.

I sent her a text a few minutes later asking if I can get a full hour next time and she replied I think it was something along the lines that she thought I was in a rush or I needed to leave early.

This is probably the main reason why I stick to my favourites and don't like to expand my horizons.
I'll stick to the usual ladies I visit on a regular basis. Which is why I do not have many reviews as once I find someone who provides a service I like then I usually return frequently.


10 review(s) found for bella_ragazza<3 linked to in above post (3 positive, 5 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline punk

Basically ripped you off.

Classic scam.

I see Bella a while ago before I knew of this site.  She was a big unit, yes the pictures are of bella but there not accurate, probably when she was 20 or something.  Easily a size 16 now unless she lost weight.  I felt shitty when I left cos the sight of her in doggy was a solid square brick causing my cock to shrivel up.  It was after this ordeal that I learnt to say NO and walk if profile pictures are not accurate.

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