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Author Topic: Elena SensualX - Alperton/Harrow - 5 min drive from Hanger Lane  (Read 1864 times)

8 review(s) for Elena SensualX (6 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline seat1a

Here's the link to the profile: https://www.adultwork.com/2613534 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elena+SensualX

I had a very good time with this incredible woman and would very much like to see her again.
Thank you also to previous reviewers, very helpful!

Arranging the meeting:
Relatively easy. Initially via text, then a call. She speaks very good English and answers the phone herself.
Speaking to her, I thought her to be quite direct and also very honest.

The location:
Just around the corner from the tube, however, not easy to find parking right there in the street. I had to park up somewhere else and then walk, which meant I was a little late. I would have been early, but I was driving around for 15 minutes... not great. Elena later explained that I could have taken a Zipcar lot, which were numbered and there were warning signs that parking is enforced all hours. Suit yourself, but I'm not taking the risk.

The house is a typical modern looking, multi-story. Entry was easy and discreet. The flat itself is top-notch! Having experienced the worst a few months back, this felt really, really good. I quite immediately felt comfortable. The bathroom was clean, modern and in great condition.

Elena's stated age of 30 seems accurate. Previous reviewers commented that she may not be that attractive, but I disagree. While definitely not in her 20s, she keeps an amazing figure, flat tummy and has great curves. We kissed before money was exchanged and she offered juice and shower - both gladly accepted.

The actual event was also really good. Elena's oral skills are truly up there, I want to go back for this reason alone. From teasing to licking to "oh-my-god" deep throating, she really made sure I enjoyed it. She sometimes told me "not yet", to signal that there is more to come. Unfortunately it's rather difficult for me to come from oral alone. Albeit not impossible. Kissing was about 5/10 initially, but got better during the time we spent.
All positions on offer and Elena was wild when she was in cowgirl. A bit too wild for me, but we eventually found a rhythm and boom! Her dedication to showing me a good time was fantastic.

Although I stayed over the booking, Elena was in no rush to get off me. Kissed and hugged for a while and it was really intimate.

I think that there are people that you get on better with than others, so experience may be subjective. But if a GFE is your thing and you 'click' like (maybe) we did, you would leave very happy indeed!

8 review(s) found for Elena SensualX linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Who is better looking Elena, Aleksandra (Acton) or Julia (Harrow) ? 3 Ladies that you have seen. And which is best for service?


Offline seat1a

Who is better looking Elena, Aleksandra (Acton) or Julia (Harrow) ? 3 Ladies that you have seen. And which is best for service?


I think that both Aleksandra and Elena are both great. I thought Elena has been somewhat more enthusiastic and performed better oral. Sex wise it was a bit too intense on me. Sorry, don't like rocking with full weight, I like when a woman moves up and down with her pussy, rather than grinds it on me.
So I give Aleksandra the lead in sex.

Looks wise it is hard to say, maybe Aleks?

Please, imho, both are truly outstanding and very nice woman indeed.

Thanks for the reply. I have seen Elena. If only all WGs showed the attitude and warmth she showed me. Unfortunately, I am a looks man and she did nothing for me in this department. While not ugly, I prefer 7.5-8+ in the looks and i'd rate her a 6.  I will try to see Alejsandra.

You didn't say anything about Julia so I assume she is nowhere near as good (in general) as Elena or Aleksandra.

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