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Author Topic: anyone seen this girl walsall?  (Read 1942 times)


tried twice to see her both times i'm at her street both times she totally ignored my calls and text.
not going to bother again just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this or had actually seen her.
makes me so mad :angry: when they fuck you about, least i was passing and not made a trip there.

Romanian!! Says it all don't bother mate

Yea had a 6 hour session with her today.

banged the absolute fuck out of her, went so deep into her I’m sure my bollocks slipped in a few times,
fucked in every known position, she uses those lovely long legs of hers to good effect to  :wacko:,

and boy can she deep throat ,very messy  saliva dripping everywhere, slurping and gagging away, like a good un
, she did get a little carried away though and puked up her cheerio’s she had for breakfast, :D
didn’t faze her one bit though and she carried on slurping away at her own mess what a lovely  dirty bitch
Just one sweaty Intense frenzy of hard-core fucking   :crazy:

.it was one hard banging punt mate; my knob looked like a deflated red balloon after

Hang on it was you constantly lurking around outside, blowing the fucking phone up ,
while I had her bent over double ,while squatting up and down while my cock plunges deep into her arse. :cool:
For fucks sake you put me of my stroke a few times :diablo:

Just kidding mate, haven’t meet her, look elsewhere if I was you plenty other pro$$ie’s about
she just seems to be messing about :unknown:

I've sent her a text just to see if she answers but nothing still waiting I'd move on if I were you

i know shes roman and there shit 99% of the times but you do get the odd gem, worth the gamble sometimes.

yeah won't be bothering with her, especially after mike destroyed her for 6hrs :D and i can't stand the smell of cheerios  :thumbsup:
well we all know shes just a time waster now
cheers guys

Offline Knny

Nationality aside, there are no other alarm bells I notice.   QA seems to suggest she was in York so maybe logistical issues at the moment.  Anyway, at50/hh would be worth it..  Hope kissing is included. 

Offline bigjim

Yep seen her. Very nice great body but the ususl romainian shit . Turned away when in mish tried to stop me going deep and OW only


Had a 15 min booking with her yesterday fucked her doggy cum then left,she has lots of moles on her back fairly pretty but not the best,I think she doesn't like time  wasters because she texted  me to ask her the name street i was on as proof.

Offline Villain79

Yes mate saw her other week last min booking for half hour. Cracking body but very
Much business without a smile quick blowjob then she went on top then I finished with her on back. Basic session but ok for £50

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