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Author Topic: Cathy - The Office, Dewsbury  (Read 1534 times)

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It was a damp Tuesday night that I had free, and I'd been scouring AW all day for a good WG that I hadn't seen before, but to no avail. I've thought about seeing Cathy on a few occasions, had good comms on AW but times never matched. I knew she worked at The Office also, so checked and yes, she was on that day, so I made the trip to Dewsbury.

Parked at the train station (free parking after 6) and walked down the hill to the venue...it's tucked away, near the bus station and town hall. Not the easiest to find but not too tricky. Buzzed in, was told Tara and Cathy were both available so I booked Cathy straight away. The venue is pretty nice, doesn't look much from outside, but the interior is nice. And it was the first time I'd been inside a parlour for many years!

Cathy bounded out of the room, and seemed very pleasant. She's older than advertised I'd say, as has been mentioned before...probably mid-late 30's but is very slim (size 6-8) and has a twinkle in her eye and a lovely Irish accent.

She asked me if I would like a massage or to crack straight on...I opted for a brief massage (well, I was in a massage parlour, after all) which was pleasant but obviously not a proper massage. After a short time I turned over and she started kissing me, full on DFK, very nice, and I played with her tits (small, but to be expected on a slight lady) and her pussy as she started wanking my cock. I asked her to start sucking me, and without hesitation she went down, OWO, pretty deep, while I was fingering her. This continued for a good while (and I was watching in the mirrored ceiling) until I asked to go down on her. No complaints, straight down to her shaven pussy, plenty of attention to her clit and plenty of encouragement.

I probably spent a good 10 minutes down there, and she seemed to enjoy herself as much as I did! She was wetter than an otters pocket, and we eventually moved to 69 where I buried my tongue deep into her pussy, and gave her arse a good tonguing too. This girl is game and up for anything.

I told her I needed to fuck her, on with the condom (applied orally) and I asked her to get on top...she rode me softly, then harder and harder until she was bouncing around like a kid on a trampoline, giving me her tits to play with and nibble. I moved her into mish and put her legs over my shoulders, really giving it to her hard, and she was begging for more. A few minutes of this and doggy was in order. Now, the only negative, when I pulled out there was a bit of blood - not much, and having been licking her fanny for a good time beforehand, she definitely wasn't "on" so I can only imagine that I'd been a bit too rough and caused it myself. She asked if I wanted to stop or carry on...well, I'm not squeamish, so she took that Jonny off and put a new one on and turned round so I could fuck her from behind...very nice, grabbing onto her hips and she loved it. I was struggling though, with fatigue and to cum so asked her to go on top again, briefly, then for more OWO. She performed this with relish, and was gagging on my cock (which isn't much more than average at best) as she sucked me.

For some reason I was really struggling to cum, but she's a trooper and kept sucking and wanking me until I finally came in her mouth. And by this point I was literally dripping with sweat, she had fucked half the life out of me.

Total cost - £20 on the door, £30 to the lady. It probably classed as a 30 minute appointment, but I was in there pushing 45 minutes I reckon. I'd gone with the intention of staying an hour (£100 all in) but she'd fucked me so good there was no chance of getting any more out of me. As I was dressing I asked her if she was working late and she said (in the cute Irish accent) that she was finishing now, but would happily go with me again. And I don't doubt it. If I'd been able to, I would have! Once I found my car again, it took me a good ten minutes to start it, I was that knackered.

All in all, great punt. She's enthusiastic, and makes sure you have a good time. OK, she is a bit older than advertised BUT you'll get your brains fucked out by a nice looking lass. I'll see her again, but probably on Indy terms. And she seems to like it up the arse, so I will definitely have to explore that avenue.

21 review(s) found for CATHY THE FAMOUS ONE linked to in above post (17 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Hi 1st timer on here so be gentle. I've got my eye on Sarah. Any idea why the rota doesn't work on the website?

Offline stevedave

No idea sorry! I don't usually go to parlours, I just knew Cathy sometimes works there so went as a means to an end, really.

Offline mrfishyfoo

Great review SD.  :drinks:

She's been on my to do list for a while but I never seem to get round to her. Reckon after reading this that I will have to fix that.

I saw cathy a few years ago, on the day of the booking she rang me to tell me she came on her period, but she could discount the price and offerd me oral & anal if i wanted, didnt do the anal bit though, i just settled for oral hand relief and a facial which was great, would really like to give her a good f****** though  :P ;)

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