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Author Topic: Zoie by massage(and LOTS more)Bayswater  (Read 3325 times)

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 https://www.adultwork.com/3245284 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Zoie+by+massage

First saw Zoie a Few weeks ago. I fancied an hour of massage and One long slow edging HJ and thought she might be up for that.

Venue: FABULOUSLY INDISCRETE! Big terraced house in Bayswater converted into a warren of studio flats. Got the impression there are lots of girls working there. people on the doorstep and corridors once inside, everyone local must know whats going on! Once in, it is the tiniest studio flat with a bed on a mezzanine.

I found Zoie much more attractive than her profile suggests, not a stunner but a friendly interesting face. Somewhere in her 30's I guess older than the 30 on her profile but i like 'em older so good for me. She was dressed in jeans a sweatshirt with no makeup, nothing glam here. I asked for an hours erotic massage. paper work sorted she told me to undress and herself stripped to nice bra and panties MUCH better body than profile pics suggest. Very cute arse as she led me up the ladder to the mezzanine. She started with a nice enough, very pleasant massage of legs  and bum  with lotion, Then sits herself with her pubis massaging my coccyx while she massages my shoulders. Things are looking up! then body to body massage, the some reach under and some credit card swipes, then massage of balls and pereneum. She invited me to turn over but i requested her to continue, which she did for a while. By now very turned on I turned over. She proceeded with a very fine lingam massage with plenty of attention to to balls. she looks great too, to me. I start to fondle the very cut arse then pussy. Close to popping now she stops, and moves to sucking my balls, then OWO, she is very good, not too vigorous and very sensual. Fantastic! She takes me another edge and then i ask to lick her. OK she assumes the position, legs akimbo and I dive in. Lovely pussy and she's very responsive, not porn star theatrics but very convincing encouragement. Fingers accepted, then she seemed to love three point stimulation. She really seemed to be getting very in to it. Then me on my back again, her sitting on my balls with a very wet pussy rubbing her clit on the base of my cock. I took As much of this as I could then sat up into a kind of yabyum position and I'm not sure how it started but we were kissing. My Word can this girl KISS. Delicious DFK. After that I lose track! More kissing hands,sucking,very close Body to body then finally great BJ to the edge with a merciless hand finish - just on the hour, Shattering orgasm! Fantastically skilled and engaged woman. A great hour way beyond my expectations.

On my way out I passed  a fantastically glamourous model type on the stairs. Done up to the nines - full make up huge boobs and cleavage. Spectacular! as we passed on the stairs (S)he said "Well Hello!" in her most seductive voice. Shame it was a baritone!

I've been back twice. Second time paid the extra £20 for sex and had a splendid hour of fucking an' sucking - she is a fantastic fuck gets into it 110% Top Notch two pops in the hour. Just a delight.

Third time I went back for the Erotic massage again. More relaxed, and knowing the delights ahead, I really enjoyed the massage! She really is VERY good at it. I've only asked for sensual but I guess, based on her other skills, that she would give a very good more therapeutic massage.

For me, a great find.

14 review(s) found for Zoie by massage linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline momochan

Hi mate , what is the closest station and walking distance ? ps thanks for the review

i went by car.easy parking pay by phone nearby. Bayswater tube is close I think

Any clues on how tall she is ??.... thanks in advance

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