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Author Topic: how many times in the last year have you been messed about  (Read 6152 times)

Offline Marmalade

What would happen if you deactivated your account, didn't log into AW for a month & then rejoin with a new account?  I assume any alias links would disappear  :unknown:

I think they would as your old account would have been deleted. The AW help page says something like the alias facility is automated, they cannot delete them, but they say they drop off anyway after six months.

Offline Marmalade

I think that is the case. I have not had any problems when rejoining just a few days after deleting my previous account.
You can join again all right, but when you 'delete' your account it is deactivated rather than deleted which, according to AW, takes one month. An alias shows up against your profile only on an SP's screen - just shows up as red. Sometimes the SP can click on it to see the different aliases. So if you have had a shite one and start again you had better play by the rules or check, I'd say.

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