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Author Topic: Hazel Kitty - total GFE very sexy!  (Read 1491 times)

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Offline Mendra

www.adultwork.com/2205104 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hazel+kitty

I have heard so much about Hazel Kitty I decided to pay her a visit and she did certainly live up to expectations.

Damage:1hr £150

Date: June 2016

Location :
Apartments in Lancaster Gate, had a bedroom, kitchen and living room with a porn style round sofa

Slim, averagely pretty, high cheek bones, 5.7", medium size tits, cute bum to match. Opened the door with very little on, black Lacey lingerie. Aussie accent, knows her limits and what's she is doing, down to earth and upright. Dreamy eyes, hippy-like looking like a 60's girl. 

She went straight into DFK that lasted about 5mins. Right up my street. Kissed like an old flame

The mission:
Everything all seemed to roll into one, a lot of OWO, pussycat licking, arse fingering, rimming, no prolonged A's due to size but did attempt it. And she did award herself a medal too.
Toys, toys and toys. We did a lot of fucking in positions possible every 5 mins or so. At some point I carried her up against the wall and banged her "Michael Douglas fatal attraction style"  this girl loves to fuck face front standing. We did that at the bathroom door while I hand my hands hold the top door frame. Fucked on the toilet seat while seating, her against the entrance door, kitchen worktop, dining table, floor... Ended up in the shower where she sat in my face, then I fingered her til she shivered and came. She eventfully blowed my on her knees to the very last drop. I felt like I had just left heaven door into paradise.

This was an hour all action no break, we were both exhausted at the end. Promised to see her again and defo will. Unfinished project!

Recommend? 100% if you want to be eagerly fucked

VFM? She can be addictive.. So can't really say

42 review(s) found for Honey Bell linked to in above post (40 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

interesting review

how did her mango rate ??

Offline Mendra

Quite girl-next-door. Hungarian origin she told me. Not the smooth skin, some facial spots. So 6.5/10.

She looks and glows well when she's been fucked hard and dull almost loveless when she isn't.

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