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Author Topic: Threesome  (Read 1057 times)

Hi, I was just wondering if this site has reviews on booking a WG for a threesome with a couple - MF
Any help appreciated
Thank you

I have looked around the site and found reviews of WGs, but I only joined today - so I would appreciate any help.
Thank you

Offline cueball

I think there's a couple who post on the nw board, if I remember rightly they reviewed a lass.

If not then you can be the first

I have some threesome reviews, with my partner. I ony joined towards the tail end of last year (this forum), so there is only two or three so far.
(North London/Hertfordshire area)

Been doing threesomes for a few years now, so there are other girls that I havent reveiwed from prior to me joining here, if youre interested.
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Offline stevedave

Are you wanting to team up with a punter from UKP for a MFF, Melissa?  :rolleyes:

Hi, yes this is what I am looking for, thank you very much for your reply :)

Thank you all for your replies - very helpful  :) I will have a look at those  :) :)

looking to do it with my husband   :)

Thank you :)
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