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Author Topic: Catherine beauty (Sara)  (Read 1079 times)

4 review(s) for Catherine Beauty (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline toby2


This group uses several profiles on a 'bait and switch' basis. Sara told me that the pics on 'Catherine Beauty' profile were hers. I think this is correct. She is a good looking petite Polish girl. Medium size pert boobs. Nice everything.

Comm  Excellent. She has a woman, somewhere, to do her calls. After discussion of time the phone lady texted the post code to me.

Venue  Good, clean, tidy apartment, gated with intercom, near the Police Station in Digbeth Birmingham. On street metered parking 90p for 1 hr , £1.60 for 2 hrs.

Meeting I have seen Sara twice before so I knew what to expect and she remembered what I like. She was ready on time, which was a surprise to me because I was kept waiting on the previous two punts with her. She was probably having a quiet afternoon because of the England v Wales football match. She answered the door dressed to make the little feller pop up and it  did. Paperwork out of the way. I kissed her several times. Her kissing is light definitely not fk, a bit pecky. She removed her clothes and lay on the bed. I raised her feet to give them a good licking. I like this. So did she. Next the tongue went down to her pussy, she loves RO, responds well and gets very wet. She particularly likes her pussy liked from behind with her bum in the air, with my nose rubbing against her rim. I gave her a well received rimming too, with my tongue. Thankfully she was very clean in that area. Now some owo. This was quite good, reasonable technique. Next on went the condom for cowgirl and doggy. I enjoyed this a lot. Now back to oral for me to cum. She preferred this with a new condom. she doesn't do cim (or it's extra). Sensation and technique was good and I popped. Bit more light kissing, a bit of conversation, then it was time to leave. Sara is a very friendly girl with good English, with nice sexy comments made during the sex. Not dirty talk but nice.

Overall I was very pleased with Sara. The only negative was her light kissing. I think that she would rather not do any kissing at all. I find that these punts have to 'click' to be good and I think we did. I will return next week. She goes back to Poland in a weeks time, so if you want to see her you will have to be quick.
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4 review(s) found for Catherine Beauty linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Online Juankerr

Thanks for the review toby2  :hi:

Could I suggest you include price paid and duration of booking in future reviews, cheers  :drinks:

Offline Ming

Glad you had a good one toby.

I remember my meet with the user of this profile was less than great and, there was occasionally bareback being advertised as well, which was discovered after I met her, I had a check up as a precaution, you may want to consider too?

Ming  :hi:

Online legendinho

great review Toby2  :thumbsup:

 that is her profile than, but for some reason she says her name is Sara.  my experience was the same as yours, more PSE then GFE. no DFK  is the reason i want go back to her. but i will recommend her too.

she don't do BB! i ask her direct. but thanks for the warning ming  :hi:

in this game we all enjoy i think we all have to look after our heath. that is way i always go for a check up every 2 months or so. i recommend everyone does the same because all WGs is doing BB with someone in there private life. 

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