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Author Topic: Mature Massage  (Read 716 times)

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Offline FabioBob81

Hi folks

I'm looking for any recommendation for a mature massage in Glasgow.  I'm only looking for a massage and HR.

I've used Robyn a few times, which I've enjoyed and will return. 

I've used Cindy (older lassie) who seems to have retired.

I tried Bella which was ok, she is hot and has huge boobs, but she put on rubber gloves to wank me off.  I asked for bare hands and she said no.  Fair enough but I didn't want a rubber gloved hand wank, regardless, I let her continue and shot my muck everywhere.  She didn't let me shoot it on her. 

Angelina, I had an appointment in Dec 15.  The massage was great, one of the best I've had.  She said that she doesn't usually do HR, but as I was the last appointment and the other masseur and her boss were gone, she said yes.  The HR itself, was hard, rough and fast, I prefer a slow built up before a furious fast finish.

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Offline ickydicky

a wank with a gloved hand :angry:no  thanks she  :angry:an fuck right off :diablo:
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