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Saw Emily in a hotel in central Plymouth, but I'm posting this in the South East section because she said she was about to move back there. Paid 120 for the hour.

Her number was showing on her profile when I saw her.

Got her answer machine when I phoned, followed by a text message saying to text her. Was briefly worried it was a PG scam, but it was soon obvious I was communicating with a human. She phoned right before the meeting to give me her room number. Good coms overall.

She is a tall and beautiful Czech woman. Good hips, narrow waist, and small perky boobs (which I like). She started out giving me ow (owo is extra) - good sensations despite the condom. I was fine with covered because some punts I like to keep the risk down. She then went on top and put in good energy. After a bit I could feel my erection beginning to fade (nearly always have this problem with the chick on top), so asked to switch to missionary, where I banged one out. Overall it was good, but perhaps a bit rushed. She dived straight into oral as soon as I was on the bed - is romance dead?

Next I gave her tits and bum a good feel. She kept asking what I wanted to do next, but I'm not much of a talker (semi-autistic). After a good long while, where she gave me plenty opportunity for more sex, she finally offered me a shit massage out of desperation. I was fine with that because I didn't want any more sex, but did want human contact. Went to the shower after.

Like I say I decided to keep the risks down this time so didn't really do all that much. What I did get was very good and I think she would have been receptive to more if I had wanted it. Definite positive from me - and not a PG scam!

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Offline MrMatrix

Thanks for the review. Just in time as I think shes here next week. Does she do FK or is that extra  :hi:

Sorry, don't know about FK. Didn't try. Her profile says at discretion.

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