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Author Topic: English Daisy -London  (Read 2090 times)

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Offline HankF


Booking length- 30 mins. £110


English girl around 5'4. Pretty face, good body, slim. Enhanced breasts. Brunette. Mid 20s 


Daisy is laid back and friendly. Easy to talk to. 

The booking- 

In my initial email via adult work I asked for a face picture which she sent me. The photo was of a pretty brunette so I was happy to go ahead with the booking. (I think she now no longer sends face pics but at the time she was happy to).

Location is a flat near Marylebone.
The bathroom was pretty big, had one of those fancy stand alone bath tubs. I used the shower though. 

After the shower Daisy went into the bedroom where she offered me a drink. Room was lit by candles but she was fine with me turning the light on. I am happy to report that the face picture was accurate and I was not disappointed with Daisy's appearence.

She was wearing a one piece (which i mistakenly thought was a black dress. I'm still not exactly sure what a one piece is). Started with exploring her body on the bed. 

Then asked her to take off the one piece and after some kissing. (She opens her mouth quite wide when kissing which was a bit different but still enjoyable)  then some OWO with me lying with my back on the bed.

Her breasts had some lovely tan lines from her Asia holiday earlier this year. They are enhanced, with scars still visible but they felt great overall.

A small mirror near the head of the bed let me see a good view of the OWO action when I positioned myself just right.

After that did missionary on the edge of the bed, then on the bed itself. Followed by cowgirl, then back to missionary where I finished. When I came she whispered sexily 'I can feel you throbbing inside me'. Which was a massive turn on.

One of the main plus points is her sexy noises when doing OWO or sex. Very appreciative sort of mmms and ahhs without being over the top. (I think I mentioned this in my review of Michelle independent as one of the things that I am a big fan of)

Had a chat for 10 minutes at the end. She said she genuinely enjoys the job and was working around her uni schedule. Discussed her Asia holiday as well.  She said she was moving location in August but can't remember where.

Left on time. No clockwatching.

The verdict-

A positive experience. (Although Vanilla) Pretty English girl with a good body and customer focused approach. 

Would I return?-

Yes, maybe in a months time.

Hank F

5 review(s) found for english_daisy linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline jamal2k94

Thanks for reviewing I am tempted to see her.

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