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Author Topic: Full On Fuck & Proper Massage  (Read 1730 times)

Do any of you gents know of a girl under 40 providing such a service?

Not looking for any of these half-arsed light baby oil efforts ending with a wank, but rather a nice hard pounding to start with, followed by a good firm professional-level, Swedish-style massage from a girl who really knows what she's doing.

I'm guessing it's a long shot, but thought I may as well ask since that's what UKP is for.  :hi:

Offline Glesgaboy

Interesting question!
The only one I can suggest is the German girl in ibrox

I've had HR and also owo - both vg.
And I know she offers sex too.
Decent girl. Pretty hot n dirty.
I guess 40 yo but in good nic.
Prices are HH 30/50/70 depending on service

Great information Glesgaboy,i have sent you a PM if you could be as kind to check it out thank you.

Thanks, but I'll need more than a stock photo of massage gear to go on.

Any other links with her details or pics?

As another option, is Maria-massage (https://www.adultwork.com/3483694) likely to tick my boxes?
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Offline auldie63

Don't know if she'll tick your boxes but she'll probably fuck your brains out.
That is the initiation to the Brad Pitt club.

Offline ickydicky

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