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Author Topic: Kelsey Wales  (Read 977 times)

Offline OMellors

Can't find out much about this girl.  Used to be in Swansea, but she has moved to Porthcawl

Has anyone seen her?

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Offline Swansea1

I saw her In Swansea, sort of.
  She is definitely on drugs or has some serious personal problems which present the same traits. The house was a tip, smashed lock on the front door, stuff all over the floor, broken window, filthy carpets and a bedroom covered in piles of clothes which needed washing. I left as I didn't feel safe.
    She got on the phone to someone as soon as I arrived in the bedroom so I walked.  :scare: Then she turned into a psycho, screaming at me as I picked my way through the broken bottles on the garden path on the way back to my car.
   My advice is to avoid her, unless that sort of risk level is your sort of thing. Then again, maybe a move to Porthcawl has sorted all that out, but I doubt it.
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Offline OMellors

Many thanks for the report.  Think I will give her a pass. 

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