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Author Topic: Is Punting such a solitary sport ?  (Read 1569 times)

Well good luck with that when you decide to tell all about your hobby,certain things are best left unsaid, if your married tell your wife and family I'm sure they'll say well it's your own time,what you do with it is up to you paying for sex no problem at all,I'm sure there they won't bat eyelid! :D
What a silly reply ,who said about telling all and sundry? Two or three friends of mine know I punt and vice versa,clearly you have to choose carefully who you trust but  it's a shame if you can't trust anyone

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Totally solitary for me; the only people that know I punt are WGs. Luckily I have good relationships with a few and am able to discuss things with them away from meets that would otherwise be suppressed. I find it a great relief to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with someone who doesn't judge me and has some idea of what I am dealing with.
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