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Author Topic: Romanians have landed  (Read 677 times)

Offline insignia

FFS there must have been a flight landed at Bristol from Romania. all the girls made there way to north somerset all with very similar phone numbers

Offline Andyply

Or they have migrated from Plymouth Hoe.  :angry:

Tbh   ,  we  should think  ourselves  lucky  for  the  next  couple of  years  ! 
 If  fascoFarage  and  Boris  Hitler  get  the  vote in  ,  then  almost  all Romanians  will    dry   up  in  a couple  of  years  ; most  of  us   will  go  bankrupt in  the  mother  of  all world  recessions    ... and    any  one  with  any  nous  will  end  up   emigrating  from  Plymouth  Hoe  to  Transylvania   anyway  .... :bomb:

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