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Author Topic: Spot the Photoshop image  (Read 551 times)

Offline k

We often complain about images that have been subtly enhanced with Photoshop to remove skin blemishes, tattoos, etc.  Some of these arty farty types are so good at it that we are suspicious of what is being hidden.  At the other end of the scale there are some who haven't quite grasped the basics of light and perspective.  This thread is dedicated to those that have tried - and failed.  First submission:-

(Why the pasted patch between her legs?)


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Offline skittish

Sorry my friend I don't follow, the patch you refer to is a pillow? Am I missing something?

Offline k

Whoops, on closer inspection, you are correct!  My bad.  Strange bed-linen though with that dark-edging makes it look as if it has been pasted in.  Can you recommend an opticians?

Offline k

She has another profile which shows what that pillow looks like...


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