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Author Topic: deepthroatqueensammi in Batley  (Read 816 times)

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Offline pdq

 https://www.adultwork.com/3326751 or https://www.adultwork.com/deepthroatqueensammi

was some time ago, jan or feb 2016          30 mins

Directions weren't the best,  but I got there in the end.  Not bad a place felt secure enough, and not the best but not the worst place i have been to.

I would say the photos are a good representation.

All took place downstairs in the living room with the light off and tv on.
half way through knocking on the front door and she disappears for 5 mins or so.
sprang that it was £20 for owo on top  of cost ( nothing on the website)

Overall not bad blowjob - not really deepthroat but good enough - condom on and had her bent over various bits of furniture.
ended up cim which was ok. But was being rushed out the house as soon as I came. ( next punter waiting apparently)

Was told if i paid £140 i could have an hour and a half with all likes no costs ( and in a bed upstairs lol ) and she confirmed in a later email exactly what was on offer

Did chat about being attacked and why she keeps heels on etc

So out at the car 25 mins after getting the final house number -

Why the delay well I guess I was thinking about talking her up on the 90 min deal she offered but then I read this

https://www.adultwork.com/FR?124951 and I guess the chances of getting what was offered is pretty slim 

 i wont be going back to many other providers with less hassle

1 review(s) found for deepthroatqueensammi linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

WOW! thanks for the heads up PDQ,looks like one to avoid.

I'm actually surprised you gave her a neutral, I know it's each to their own but she has to be one of the dirtiest  (as in untidy scruffy) working girls ever, as soon as I saw her yellow/green teeth and her hairy armpits then it was a defo no go area for me, I'm also surprised she didn't steel any of your possessions whilst you were there

I had her on my hotlist for a while but removed her when I looked closer at the photos. The place looked like a bit of a dive and she had a look about her that she was using.

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