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Author Topic: KittyD'Lite - Southend  (Read 369 times)

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Been wanting to see Kitty for a 1-2-1 for a while now after seeing her a while back with her friend in a 3sum.

All done through AW, no mobile given, probably would not of done this if I had not of seen her before, but all worked out well.

Obviously her home, I would think if she uses that location regularly the whole street would know whats going on, but I know she only works 2 days a week there and I also believe she uses another location, anyway it served it purpose.

Nice personality, very tidy and tight body for her age, 38 on AW, I would say that was about right, quite a few tattoos and a huge one just below her tits, but I will confess I did not fancy her facially, she was dressed in a tight skirt and a blouse that had seen better days.

Starting of with some french kissing which was ok but not your full on DFK, then moved onto some OWO which was very mediocre, 69 and she has a lovely clean tight pussy, fingers allowed and then protected sex in many positions and she is a great shag, makes all the right noises and seems to enjoy it in certain positions.

So why the neutral, this is really for 3 reasons, during missionary I noticed that she did not look at me and turned her head to avoid being kissed, also after the 1st round she offered me a shower, as if to say thats it, I was only half way through the punt, she might of got away with this with a less experienced punter and lastly was her blouse, it looked liked it had not been washed or ironed for months and at £140 per hour you would think she would try a bit harder.

The punt was OK but I was not blown away and did not leave with that spring in my step, I very much doubt I will return.

2 review(s) found for Honey Hart linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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