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Author Topic: Amy of Acton  (Read 791 times)

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Offline mike11

She has been reviewed before in other locations.  Her previous reviews have been rather positive so I have been wanting to see her for a while but managed to do this very recently.

Going by her pics, I expected a very slim girl.  She is however a curvy girl.  She is not fat at all and I has a wonderful figure and beautiful skin.  She has a sweet face.

She lives in a modern block of flats.  The bedroom is sparsly furnished and is basically a bed and sheet and worn out towel on top.  It is like a basic walk up and does not really entice any enthusiasm.  The bathroom is modern but no towel was offered or was available.

She herself was rather matter of fact and there was no personal connection from the word go.  I doubt it was me as she had the same disinterested face as I walked in and she had hardly even looked at me by then.

Her OWO was good but the service altogether was rather mechanical and disengaged.  I was soon thinking that I should wrap up and leave.

No DFK and light oral from me for little time before I gave up.

Not a great encounter by any means and one that I would not repeat.  She is however a young girl with a great body and provides a service albeit mechanical.

Maybe I cought her on an off day.  Maybe she has done this for too long now.  Who know.  I wish her well.

8 review(s) found for A M Y linked to in above post (5 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline The_Don

Maybe I cought her on an off day.

She used to be a regular of mine, until she started having off days with me.

So I moved on (with my punting funds), some time ago.

Thanks for sharing and the review.
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Cute Kasia used to be Amy's duo partner. Did you see or ask about Kasia

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