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Author Topic: Sexy Susie 24 - Bristol (Shirehampton)  (Read 2005 times)

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As my last punt (SexySSacha) was only 30 mins, I still had cash in my punting fund for a second half-hour and I though I would try Susie.  Originally, I thought she was British but having read a previous review knew she was Polish - not a problem.

Location:  A rather run-down block of apartments in Shirehampton.  It is used by several WGs - whether they all use the same apartment in rotation or there is more than one apartment in use by WGs I don't know.  As it was quiet when I visited I parked in the carpark in front of the building, but there is plenty of road-side parking available.  The apartments have a warden and I guess are mainly for elderly residents.  The route from main entrance to Suzie's apartment goes through the common room which could be a bit too public, but that was empty when I went through.

Comms:  Very straightforward, called on the number given on AW and was in her apartment an hour later.

Appearance:  Attractive girl with a good figure - soft and rounded but by no means overweight, dressed in black basque, briefs and hold-ups.

Service:  I only wanted massage and oral and Susie seemed quite happy with that.  Started off with kissing, mutual stripping, fondling, OWO, then RO - no problem with 2 fingers inside.  Then went to 69, she played with my arse then put a condom over her finger and slipped it in for prostate massage.  She was not able to bring me off just by oral (not many girls can) so I finished myself off by hand with her lying in front of me, playing with herself.  As I was ready to cum, she took me in her mouth for the requested CIM finish.  She spat out into a wet wipe then cleaned me up.  Followed up with an oily massage and again cleaned me up with wet wipes.  She offered me a shower but I opted to head home first.  No pressure to leave.

Summary:  £70 for 30 mins is OK.  Susie reminds me of a younger version of Polish Lilly - sweet personality and just pleasant to be with.  Good GFE punt.

Other thoughts:  I called Susie late afternoon and she had been quiet up till then.  However, the activity on her phone did pick up while I was there - although she did ignore it and it was not too intrusive.  I don't think she is impressed with Shirehampton as a location - too far out of the city centre.

BJ/CIM: Susie could not bring me off just by OWO - who can?  Well Lacy (www.adultwork.com/1131506), Lola (www.adultwork.com/2159062), Roxy (www.adultwork.com/216851), Jenny (www.adultwork.com/1599331) and Anita (www.adultwork.com/1889298) have all managed over the years.

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Online hottext72

Good review, sounds all very similar to my punt with her.  I thought your physical comparison with Lilly4you is right, although I found Lilly more active.  :drinks:

Offline Roth

Nice review.   :drinks: Sergei needs to move her closer into town.   :hi:

That Shirehampton location is a dive. :scare:  I wouldn't park my car there ever.  :hi:

Offline Roth

In Birmingham now. :unknown:

And back in Bristol again but no number showing.  :unknown:

And back in Bristol again but no number showing.  :unknown:

What the fuck

Offline Roth

Number back now. :thumbsup:  She must read UKP. :wackogirl: Probably PG selling in Birmingham whilst she was taking time off.  :unknown:

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