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Author Topic: Sexyhornybrunette  (Read 882 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3212167 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyhornybrunette

I noticed on their profile it was basically 241, 2 girls for £130 for an hour.

The punt didn't happen, here's why:

Organised a 1hour punt with both girls at 9pm, yep everything fine communication wise.

I drove to the postcode they had given me and my God, every car that drove past me eye balled me...so I'm thinking to myself 'where the fuck have I come to here'...teens riding round on pit bikes, every Street corner more or less had a few teens on. Great, going well so far I thought...

So I picked a place to park my car furthest away from any sort of commotion and made my way to the house number I'd been provided whilst driving round looking for somewhere to park.

I knocked on the door and the brunette of the 2 answered the door. 1st impression I can use the emotion for  :crazy:

No make up on, looked a real state had normal clothes on and looked like shed just come from a piss up at a bbq.

I look around as I was in the hallway and the house was a tip, kids toys everywhere kitchen a mess etc so I thought fuck this and asked to use their toilet which was upstairs.

Came back down stairs to which I went through the kitchen to the back and saw both of them sat down outside on some chairs having a fag.

At this point I said I've left some money in my car I'll be 5 minutes.

Then proceeded to 'Do one'.

Lovely trick I've done a few times and probably won't be the last  :lol:

3 review(s) found for sexyhornybrunette linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Online mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review.

Well played fella, I too would have walked.  :thumbsup:

A justified negative IMHO.

Great review they were on my hl but don't think I will bother now

Sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah is still standing...just!

Made me laugh. I applaud your evasive manouvres, sir!  :hi:

That's definitely the place I warmly remember  :crazy:
Tbh theres a chance they didn't notice you had gone by sounds of it!

They were actually made up and attentive when I went for my quick sojourn but I couldn't help thinking it'd be better if they were more attentive to their housework.

Count your blessings your car was still there too!

Could there be a more tricky area for a punt?!!  :scare:

If this account is correct, then they're using a different place from when I saw them (a few months ago, btw, I'm sure I posted a review of that, but can't find it anymore!?)

Both had make-up when I got there too, so I can't be sure that the brunette isn't hideous, but I wouldn't have thought so.

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