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Author Topic: Anya Bombshell - Colchester  (Read 704 times)

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Offline bodieA2

My very first visit to see Anya as I had the opportunity and was not disappointed! She really is a gorgeous girl - one of the main reasons we do this isn't it, to meet girls like this that ordinarily wouldn't get anywhere near!
As has been mentioned in previous reviews the hanging around outside the car park waiting for the door code & where to go is a bit awkward.
But the service from Anya was great as I expected. If you have not been before though be aware they obviously smoke in the apartment as it smelt of smoke. My clothes smelt of smoke after just a 30min booking - had to drive back with windows down to try & get rid of smell then had good excuse of going to gym and having shower at end of the afternoon.
Does not take anything away though from how good it was to finally get a meet with Anya.

26 review(s) found for Anya_BOMBSHELL linked to in above post (22 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline englandfan

have to agree this is a real problem for me - that stale smoke smell hangs around your clothes, and if neither you or you partner smoke, theres little excuse as to why you smell of smoke when you get home

always make a point of asking does the girl smoke, and can she ensure you will not go home smelling of it

A couple of years ago I went to see a WG in Ipswich who smoked.

Afterwards my clothes stank and I couldn't even use the excuse that I had been to the pub, as there was no smoking in pubs then as now.

The next time I went to see her I took a large plastic bag for my clothes. !!


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