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Offline 123Mel456

Dreadful punt and certainly a total waste of money
Clare http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+swindon-sn1/sexy-and-busty-escort-/135406582 isn't the girl in the pictures or if she is it was a few years ago when she had a figure
English was OK but not great - Gave her a call for a short notice punt and so far so good she was available and to ring when in Swindon city centre, rang and then guided to jury's inn hotel.  Ring again to be told to go to 7th floor and then ring again to get the room number.  l was already very skeptical with all these bloody calls nearly walked but the pics looked decent so wanted to at least have a look
Knocked on door and made to wait about 40 seconds which is a long time outside a hotel door with people about.
Hidden behind the door she opened it and closed it very quickly.  Dressed in a loose fitting dressing gown I was aksed how long, said half anhour and handed over the cash
She disappeared into the bathroom but told me to strip off before she left which i did.
She came back and started to get the old chap hard with her hand.  She then asked would I like OWO i said please, she sai another £20 please, no way I said covered will be fine, so popped on the condom i said how about me getting my hands on you too and she then lost the gown.  She was either 6 month pregnant or has put on about 4 stone.
Hang I saod, can i have my money back this wasn't part of the deal.  No she said, i can't so that, that is impossible.  I asked why and we had a heated discussion but I wasn't getting my cash back so went for it
She went back down on me then got up to answer a text message, i lost my rag at this point but she still finished the text before going back down.  It was actually a reasonable BJ to be fair. I then said i was going to fuck her she asked did i want bearback as it is another £20. NO WAY! You are joking aren't you i said, she said it comes free int he one hour as does OWO.  So glad i went for the covered. 
The bump was too big too get too close in mis so went for doggy.  No the freshest pussy so no way was I going donw on her.  her phone was buzzing the whole time altho she didn't now reply and kept telling me to slow down. don't go so deep - Bugger that so I hammered away and it took ages to cum but i was watching myself in the mirror so i didnt have to look at her
Eventually I thought of better things and exploded a weeks worth in the bag. She turned over picked up the wet wipes with her phone and that was that
Dreadful punt that wasnt even worth scoring. 

Offline Savage

I'm pretty sure you can see the large bump in the picture on her advert,  but still,  it's a shame she's crap as I was a little tempted to give her a go.  Thanks for the warning.
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Is she the first advert down? she's now advertising NO CONDON (lol) and that shes 5 month's pregnant, I am lost for words really...

Offline 123Mel456

Is she the first advert down? she's now advertising NO CONDON (lol) and that shes 5 month's pregnant, I am lost for words really...
One int he very same.... stay well away. this was definatly a failed TOFTB

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