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Author Topic: Emma NTS Edinburgh  (Read 1201 times)

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Offline Fifer79

1st visit to NTS, used LSS before and not tried BSS yet.

There were 6 girls working but 4 in lounge, 3 British lassies who all looked good probably 30+ and a young eastern european called Emma. I would usually always stick with British Girls but i was really taken with Emma so decided to give her a shot. Everyone in lounge was very chatty and to be honest i'd have been happy to go with any, had hoped for Shia after reading reviews but wasn't working.

Emma was early 20s, small and petite, red hair which probably swung it for me as i'm a sucker for it. Quite pretty with perky little boobs.

Into the room and was asked what i like, anal and cim not on offer but this was ok with me.

I have to say she had a tidy wee body when undressed, started kissing my body all over, very nice, then gave a nice owo blowjob, not the best but not the worst i've had, really turned on with seeing her naked body in every mirror from every angle, the into 69, nice clean tight looking pussy with tasted just fine. Sex in pretty much every position i could think of and ended up coming on her chest.

Not a bad punt if i'm honest, i tend to try different girls each punt but would go back with her.

Price - £100 total for the hour.

Face - 7/10
Body - 7/10 ( only thing is i like bigger boobs )
Service - 7/10

Offline bigmike32

Emma was a great ride i seen her last week. Shes 28 but looks younger and claims to be french.

Offline Fifer79

Yeah, she looks good for 28. Think i'm going to try BSS next time so i can decide which is best. Been put off BSS as there's less girls working but may aswell give it a go. I prefered NTS to LSS but i suppose it depends whos working when u go

Had my first visit to Blair Street Sauna this week.  Seemed plenty girls to chose from - 6 or 7 plus two that were starting the next shift or about to finish.  Amazing hour with a tall Scandinavian blonde called Diana.  Enough for me anyway but then I did start at Carols sauna after reading the local classifieds.  That was a mistake!

Going back to Blair sauna this evening or tomorrow.  Will post a review of first visit there and Carols soon.

Offline Fifer79

Last time i called BSS there was only 4 working. I tend to visit early afternoons mid week so don't know if they are quieter then so less girls?

Offline bigmike32

I have been to nts lss and bss and i find nts the best the girls are friendly. Seen too many ee girls in bss looking disinterested. When i phoned up bss last week there was 4 girls working crystal and heidi who i had seen and 2 others. Phoned lss aswell only 5 girls on but mostly ee. But was told after 5 pm thats when the scottish girls work. I have my eye on a couple of girls one in nts and one in bss.

You may be right, only 5 when went tonight with two young Scottish.  New to the sauna scene so stand corrected.  Used to the escort agencies back home which are as close to eye candy heaven as you can imagine and fully international at that.

Opted for Ruby tonight, scottish, blond, young. Full review when get op.

Offline bigmike32

Will look forward to your review and the more scottish girls in the saunas the better.

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