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Author Topic: Twenty reverse bookings.  (Read 1938 times)

Offline NIK

Well I'm about to set off for London in the next hour or so and at present I've received 20 reverse booking aplications. This is a record for me. In the past I've usually had about 5 and the most is about 9.
I did advertise it a week ago which is the longest advance one I've done, however the considerable number of replies would seem to suggest there are more women working, and desperate for money than ever.

My criteria was slim, attactive 20 - 30 in Central London with a couple of services. £150 for the hour.

Now of these 20 respondents none were outside my age range, ie above 30, although some probably lie about this.
Also none were BBW's.
And whilst all were based in the South East (I've had ones reply in the past 200 miles from Central London) about 5 were still many miles from Central London, which would involve considerable travelling on either theirs or my part.
Several wanted more than the £150 specified.
There were also quite a few of them who were new profiles. ie within the last month.

Now you would think out of 20 there'd be something that would interest me.
Not the case I'm afraid.
About half of them I'd dismisss straight away, and of the other half there was something wrong with virtually all.

None of them would I have found myself by searching using my criteria.
A list of problems.

1. I just didn't fancy them from their photos.There was actually one with no photos at all!
2. Too far away.
3. Wanted more than I specified.
4. Apparent fake profiles. Why you'd respond to a reverse booking with a fake profile is beyond me.
5. Still no phone number supplied. I know they are supposed to phone me, but surely if they are genuine they would give a phone number at this stage, as to be fair a number of them did.

I think straight away you can tell the genuine ones when they say 'you can phone me on xxxxxxx.'

Paige, who I have seen couple of times years ago and is in my top twenty list, was one of those who responded. She has actually responded to every reverse booking I've made.
And although she is a very good escort indeed, I don't really fancy her that much. She's probably over 30 by now too.
However she's also not in central London either and most crucially of all wanted £250!

So ultimately I don't think I'll bother with any of these.

I've never had a reverse booking offer when, to use the common AW punter phrase, I instantly think WOW!

Maybe the really attractive ones don't need to tout for business?

Or maybe the really attractive ones are mostly fake profiles?

Offline Jimmyredcab

You say that one had no photos at all, who in their right mind would risk £150 on what amounts to a blind date, little wonder she has to respond to reverse bookings.
That other lady, Paige, also responed to my advert but wanted £200, possibly quoted me less because she is in my area.

i suppose if your new its a good way to get some work and feedback but i agree some girls are chancers ie price location etc
but its worth keeping a record of the replies for future reference

Offline MKDons

If you refer to Paige in Cheshunt then yes, she does apply to virtually every reverse booking I post regardless.

And she never seems to read or comply with the rates specified?

Not sure how up to date her photos are - perhaps others can comment.

Offline NIK

Quote from: MKDons
If you refer to Paige in Cheshunt then yes, she does apply to virtually every reverse booking I post regardless.

And she never seems to read or comply with the rates specified?

Not sure how up to date her photos are - perhaps others can comment.

I have seen her three times. Twice through Minx agency some years ago. I found her bubbly, willing and enthusiastic - all a decent escort should be. But after the second time I thought I didn't really fancy her that much. She was physically ok, but didn't really appeal to me personally.
I then booked her some time later for a two girl with Amy who I've seen many times. Again she was excellent and of the three two girls sessions I've had with Amy and another it was easily the best.
However,I still came away somewhat unsatisfied, especially when I thought about how much it had cost me, so I doubt I'd ever see her again.

To summarise I've seen her three times and service and attitude wise she has been excellent each time.

However she charges £250 and there are certainly many more attractive girls around.

If you want excellent service and aren't too bothered about looks (she has a decent figure) or prices!!!!, and prefer the more experienced escort then I would unequivocally recommended her

Offline Lady Poppy

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From a wg point of view who advertises on aw.  I did use the reverse bookings when I first found them.  I assumed that it was essential to bid at the top rate given or below it, but never thought to bid over it, so that is a new concept to me.  I have had one booking through them, but don't really need to use them any more, so don't.  I occassionally go and have a look for a laugh, as I find some of the requests hilarious and can't believe how many bids they get.  I think I prefer the idea of being selected anyway.

Offline Phil Atio

I've found the reverse booking system variable, I've placed bookings and had responses from as far away as Birmingham & Reading. Considering I'm in SE Essex that's quite a trip for an hour's outcall. I'm willing to accept that girls may be touring a certain area, therefore the booking may be worth their while, but I'm not going tp phone a girl from Brum on the off chance she may be local. I think a better grasp of geography would help.

Tried the reverse booking thing yesterday for the first time. Advertised for a central London outcall, 8pm or so, 1 hr, 120 top whack. Within 30 minutes I got 11 responses, with five offering discounts from their usual 150/hr rate to my desired rate of 120/hr, and two whose rate was advertised at 180/hr, also weighing in at 120.

Must admit, I wasn't that keen on most of them, though one in particular I now think I should've gone with. Instead, I tried (and failed) to set up a meeting with Roxy21 (see my other post in 'Bad Providers').

Anyway, I guess this all goes to prove what most of us already know - prices are not set in stone, and some minor negotiation can net the astute punter a good deal.

Offline philboi

I tried the reverse booking scheme only once, although did find it beneficial.

I set it for about 3 weeks ahead.
My reasoning for that was in the hope of getting more choice of girls who bid.

I had some really good responses but also got those who just bid for the sake of it in the hope of getting anyone!
One of the girls I'd already seen and when I mentioned that to her I realised she just hadn't looked to see who she was bidding for!
Another girl was so far away I thought what's the point. Again she'd just made the booking without really looking at where I was..

I had about 5 hopefuls of which 3 tuned into bookings.
The best one normally charged £160 per hour but put a bid in for £110... so a result there.

Don't know why I've not done it again, suppose because there are many girls available in my area.
I totally recommend it though.
Not only can you find a decent girl you've not spotted in a search, and it can be cheaper, but also it's good fun!!!

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