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- Site ethos & mission
This site puts the interests of punters (sex buyers) first. The site serves as a platform to help punters exchange info and make more informed decisions about the purchase of sexual services. This site is totally independent (from service providers) with no vested interests. The site does not generate any income and runs at a loss, covered by the site owner. The site does not take donations.

- Service Providers
This site allows service providers to be members, but there is zero tolerance for touting, flirting, attention-seeking and negative attitude towards punters. Service providers must respect the ethos of the site. This site is not a chat platform between clients and service providers, nor is it a support site for service providers. All service providers must reveal their working identities - no 'anonymous WGs'. Transsexual service providers may be members, but not male service providers.

- Touting
Zero tolerance for touting / advertising. You must disclose any link you have that may be seen as bias, even if you're just a past customer. Sharing info must be for the benefit of other punters and not to promote the business of others. Reviews that read like a marketing-written advert rather than genuine recommendation will be removed.

- Reviews
A new review thread can only be created once a service provider has agreed to a booking (e.g. verbally or by textual messaging). A meet does not need to take place, money does not need change hands, the only requirement is that the she had accepted the initial booking. Only one review thread is permissible per punt. Do not combine multiple punts in the same review thread, neither should a single punt be split into multiple review threads. Do not post the same review in multiple regions. Only sex workers can be the subject of a review, not a whole agency / establishment / brothel. Past or current sex workers or anyone related to a sex worker (e.g. boyfriend) may not review any other sex worker. Reviews must contain either a link, contact details or address.

- Account deletion
Accounts are not deleted, simply log out and don't use the account again. Do not post resignation posts to announce you are leaving. Just logout and don't be a drama queen.

- Post deletion
Posts will only be deleted if they contravene these rules or are duplicate posts. Common reasons such as "I've been asked to remove this by the person" or "I don't want to be discussed" or "I am no longer working" or "My boyfriend has found out" or "I don't want my new name to be known" will NEVER be accepted with NO EXCEPTIONS. If a post / review you made or someone else made about you is incorrect then make a post to correct yourself or them.

- Review deletion
Not possible, as the notice on the review creation page made clear and the above rule about post deletion.

- Threats towards admin
Any kind of threat or ultimatum towards the admin will result in instant and permanent banning.

- Legal jurisdiction
The website is not hosted in the UK. The site owner is not UK born, not UK citizen, not UK resident. Regardless of the fact that this site is called UKPunting and the site owner previously lived in the UK for a period and paid for sex in the UK, it is the sole discretion of the site owner as to whether there is any cooperation with UK courts or UK law enforcement.

- Multiple accounts
Creating multiple accounts will result in banning of all accounts. If a second account is required for privacy reasons, then admin may grant permission on request.

- Username change
Contact admin with your new preferred username. The site will send you a new randomized password when your name is changed, so make sure your account's email address is working, otherwise you won't be able to login after your name is changed.

- Avatars
No sexually explicit / hardcore avatars. Topless is acceptable. But close-up of sexual organs is not acceptable.

- Moderators
There is currently no moderator except Admin / Site Owner. This site does NOT have 'secret moderators'.

- Hidden forums / Inner Circle
None exist except three sections which are only visible to active posting and established members. These are the Off-Topic, Deleted Posts and Reported Posts sections. Thousands of accounts have access to these 3 sections, thus not regarded as "secret" forums.

- Other punting forums
This site will not give any publicity, by link or otherwise, whether negative or positive, to any other UK-based punting forum (with the exception of UKEscorting.com which is owned by the same owner as UKPunting).

- Offers to buy the site
This site is not for sale.

- Advertising
No advertising of any kind.

- Donations
No donations of any kind, either monetary or benefit-in-kind.

- Funding
This site is funded solely by the admin.

- Bribes
Offering money to Admin when making a request of special treatment will result in banning.

- Bareback / Unprotected sex
Allowed, but other members have the right to express disapproval of such activities.

- Street prostitution
Allowed, but other members have the right to express disapproval of such activities.

- Transsexuals / Shemales

- FBSM / Massage

- Walk-ups

- Dogging / Swinging / Webcamming / Phone Chat
Only suitable in Off-Topic section.

- Male prostitution
General discussion allowed, but not reviews or requests for info or recommendations.

- Social meets
None will be sanctioned by the admin and not allowed to be organised on the forums. Use the PM facility instead to organize such meet ups.

- Off-Topic Politics
There is minimal moderation of political and current event discussions.

- Gender / Race / Nationality
Anti-immigration and bashing of religion / culture / nationality is allowed, however extreme racial comments and racial slurs are not tolerated. Complaining about the lack of 'political correctness', accusing the site moderation of being biased for / against something or throwing accusations of racism / xenophobia or similar will equally not be tolerated.

- Privacy of service providers
It is generally not allowed to post personal info of service providers, such as real names and personal social networking profiles. Phone numbers may be posted in full only if they are published in adverts / profiles. Hotels may be named. General description of incall locations is acceptable, but not specific house numbers or street names. Modelling, porn and media-related work are acceptable to be posted, even if it includes their real names as they actively sought publicity / higher-profile. News items may be posted depending on certain circumstances. All aforementioned restrictions do not apply to thieves and those with criminal convictions. Previous working names are never censored, regardless of reasons.

- Email addresses
Members may not exchange their email addresses on the board.

- Minimum age
Members must be minimum of 18 years of age.

- Abuse towards other members
Discord must be kept civil. Excessive abuse / swearing is not acceptable. "You're acting like a twat" is not excessive, however "you're a fucking inbred cunt" is excessive and is not acceptable.

- Censoring info
It is not acceptable to try repress info by other members that may be of use to punters, e.g. negative reviews or name changes of service providers, regardless of reasons.

- Allegations against punters
Admin can only judge members based upon their conduct online. The admin is not law enforcement and does not have investigatory powers and thus cannot determine whether any 'real-world' allegation against a member is true. Inaction by admin on unverified allegations does not mean endorsement of any alleged misconduct.

- Allegations of sexually transmitted diseases
Past incidents has shown such extreme and damaging allegations to be malicious and from troublemakers or simply mistaken. Therefore it is not acceptable to make such allegations against others.

- Allegations of under-aged / trafficked / forced sex workers
Contact law enforcement.

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