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Scotland / Lilywhite Edinburgh (Glasgow secret Tour)
« by auldie63 on February 14, 2017, 08:45:34 PM »
Ok let me just get my armour and tin hat on as I am about to slag one of Edinburgh’s darlings.
But I can only speak as I find and she fucked me over.

https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

Right here’s the story. She was doing a tour to Glasgow a couple of weeks ago so txt her as I always do to girls I have not seen saying what I want and my age etc. She replied saying all was fine so I placed and had accepted a booking for this tour.
That’s when the ‘Rowdy Sex Parties’, thing hit the headlines and she cancelled the tour. She sent me an email by AW explaining, and I must say I had a lot of sympathy for her at the time and said I would see her next time she was in Glasgow.
A few days later I get a txt on AW from her saying she will be in Glas from the 11th to the 14th and I can have a meet then, but I have to keep quiet about it as she doesn’t want it known that she will be working when she’s here as she’s only seeing the guys she had to cancel on. All very hush hush then, which I thought was strange but hey it’s her ballgame. Anyhow over a couple of days a time and day is arranged (13th  9pm.). I again make a booking on AW and have it accepted.
Now I know where she was staying as she was shouting about it all over UKE since Friday but come yesterday I decide I better confirm with her, and start trying to at 9am.  Suffice to say she has done a unibomber and dropped off the grid completely. No contact anywhere all day nor since.
I don’t know but why fuck someone about like that?
If she didn’t want the meet all she had to do was say so, she wouldn’t be the 1st and certainly not the last.
I just hope some of the other guys she was to see had better luck than me.
I can’t even leave her neg fb on AW as she hasn’t marked the booking as completed the wee cow.
So far this year has been an absolute bastard, 2 walks and this.     Lucky White Heather Anybody?
London / lilywhitexx - London tour
« by Trafalgar Law on January 27, 2017, 10:54:39 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

Arranged couple weeks in advance for her visit to London, but never went ahead.

Thought I would check her profile last night to double check info, and she has put up that she is taking a break. Doesn't look good, but I think she would surely let me know if she's cancelled bookings, and send her email to confirm if booking is still going to happen.
Today I see that she has read the email around 1:30am, and not replied.

I understand shit happens and bookings get cancelled for one reason or another, but it's common courtesy to at least tell the person you need to cancel the booking.
Scotland / Lilywhite
« by Pinballer on December 19, 2016, 02:39:19 AM »
Theres not much to add to whats been said about her prior.

She looks like a geeky girl you wouldnt think twice of but in the bedroom she is top notch.

From her texting prior to the appointment itself. She was building up to her arrival. Some flirting to the knock on the door was fun. Her relaxed demeanour from the moment you arrived to when you left was refreshing.

Oddly she kept her glasses on as she cant see


Not a clockwatcher

Does everything thats listed in her likes list

Her attitude is great. Initiates round two. Shes intelligent. Extremely horny. Relaxed and laid back.

She loves cock and shows it

Shes by far one of the best escort experiences i have witnessed in the last three years

I may make more of an effort to see her in 2017 on her home turf.
Scotland / House Party Edinburgh
« by Santiago on November 25, 2016, 08:14:05 AM »

Took the opportunity to attend a recent house party along with

Slutty Chick aka Moniq


Just Jane

Had to get this off the bucket list and glad I did  :yahoo:

Arrangements for myself were made via Moniq excellent throughout keeping me updated all very professional with no issues.

The venue very discrete 2 bed 2 shower room modern luxury holiday let near to the Meadows Edinburgh.

Arrived first at the location all 3 girls very friendly and welcoming, I've seen Moniq many times in the past but never had the pleasure of Jane or lily. Jane and Moniq were wearing cocktail dresses and heals, lilywhite was ready for action, dressed in a sexy laungerie set minus her knickers, nice touch.

A maximum of 5 guys had been invited great ratio for the 3 ladies..one arrived slightly late and 2 eventually had to leave slightly early, all well behaved, responsible and taking their turns without being OTT or pushy.

The girls got proceedings started with Jane and Lily working away at each other performing 69 which was great to see, before long full everyone was into the swing of things, every combination and position was tried, DP, anal, spit roast, 3 on 1, CIM and facials and shared showers. Shows and exhibition !!

Excellent fun, no rush, very well organised

Excellent value £300 2 hours approx
Highly recommend

Scotland / lilywhitexx - Edinburgh
« by misterm on November 12, 2016, 05:55:25 PM »
My first review on here, hope its ok

Profile: https://www.adultwork.com/1471679
Booking: 1h incall
Fee: £115 no extras
Location: Flat near Easter road

Description of lady: Slim, reddish brown hair, fairly small breasts(but work well with her general size). Her profile says shes 26 this seems about right to me. Shes also Scottish, and has a good sense of humor so no comms issues

Description of meet: Started of with some passionate kissing (which is nice considering how many will avoid kissing at all) and fore play. I indulged in a bit of pussy licking (she was clean and shaved and tasted fab), she mentioned that she had been over doing it a bit with her vibe of late and so might struggle to cum, so we had a play with her vibe too. We then moved on to sex in a few positions, but mostly her on top, she was very enthusiastic, and the bed moved about a foot(pity it was one of the low to ground beds though). I finished with a CIM, which was again enthusiastic and no hesitation about OWO or CIM

I would definitely return
Scotland / Lilywhitexx & Slutty_chick edinburgh
« by Roogoo2016 on October 13, 2016, 10:26:26 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1052867 or https://www.adultwork.com/Slutty%5FChick


https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

A friend of mine had finally paid off a debt to me the other day so I was feeling flush and wondering what to do with the money. Was perusing the forum when I read Monique and lily were doing duos! I had met Monique a couple of months ago and had a fantastic time but had wanted to try a new girl before going back. Well this way I could kill 2 birds with one stone although they almost ended up killing me!

Fired off an email to Monique enquiring about price for an hour (£300) and she told me to text her. Meeting organised and I was set.

So yesterday was the big day. All coms had been excellent throughout but I hadn't even spoken or met lilywhitexx. The door was opened by Monique in a dressing gown. Kiss hello and exchanging some pleasantries in the hall when there's a tap on the shoulder. I turn round to a completely different girl to Monique. Very girl next door but damn she's good looking with a very sexy voice. Dressed in a lace body suit.  She's says hi and gives me a very sensual kiss. I pull away and offer the money to Monique so it's out the way. She leaves the room and lily starts snogging me. Very nice. Monique comes back in with her dressing gown removed revealing some very sexy bodice thing with her tits hanging out. I stop snogging lily to admire and start snogging Monique.  I tell them I'm nervous as I've never been outnumbered before so Monique suggests we video some of it!  Then we have a three way kiss. Lovely. With some gentle groping. Lily says the clothes are getting in the way so I remove them. And they both start feasting on my cock. Monique gets her phone out and I record for a bit. Was beautiful having two gorgeous girls sucking away. We then move on the bed for some more play. Some 69 and some fingering. Lilly then asks me if I want to put on a condom but I decline thinking I won't last long now so might as well finish round one with the oral. Lily then suggests the two girls 69 which I video. What a turn on! I can't watch long and have to get involved so I start face fucking lily while snogging and fingering Monique. This goes on a while and I still haven't cum. There's so much to concentrate on. So I decide to put the jacket on and fuck. They ask who first and I had already decided this before I arrived. It would have to be Lilly as I've already fucked Monique. They laugh and Lilly puts the jacket on with her mouth and starts riding me. Awesome. She then turns round for some RCG and says how sexy it is watching her fuck in the mirror while I'm snogging and fingering Monique. I can't contain any longer and fill the bag.

Lily lets me have a quick breather and then tries to clean me up but notices I was all ready  for a second round. So she sucks me for a bit then gets the jacket on with her mouth and Monique bends over and I take her doggy. Lilly goes and gets her wand and then lies next to us bringing herself off. I stick some fingers in to help but this just puts me off my stride with Monique so I get back to the job in hand. Lilly finishes herself off and ejaculates over the bed covers and has to apologise to Monique but she's not really able to answer. I keep going but my stamina is no good so I ask Monique to fuck me. She duly obliges but I can't seem to finish after she's exhausted herself. She gets off and we all have a bit more of a play. Lilly sucking me off to give. Monique a rest. She then says do I want to see if she can finish me. So on with another jacket and she rides me. I flip her over and we go for missionary but the wee man just won't pop. Shame, but it really didn't spoil the session

Quick shower and I was good to go. Expensive hour but worth every penny. Would I go back? Yes when the bank manager allows it! But I think I will see Lilly on her own next.

Scotland / Lilywhite & Sluttychick duo - Edinburgh
« by Veritas on October 12, 2016, 04:22:48 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1052867 or https://www.adultwork.com/Slutty%5FChick


https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

Venue    My hotel room in Edinburgh
Duration 2hrs (you can't rush something this good)
Cost  £550 (and cheap at the price)

The ladies concerned are both well reviewed service providers in Edinburgh.  I was going to be in town for a couple of days and wanted a taste of the best the city had to offer.  This wasn't about value for money or working a bucket list - been there, dome the 3sum bucket list before - this was about lazy self indulgence.

Comms were excellent.  After a bit of three way juggling, Moniq took the comms in hand, liaised with Lily and sorted all of the arrangements flawlessly.  The ladies turned up together on time and smiling.

The meeting - well, apparently Lily and Moniq have never worked together despite having known each other for some time.  My brief was easy as I just wanted to be very lazy, very over indulged and non scripted and this worked brilliantly (for me anyway) as while, they knew each other so weren't remotely awkward they weren't trotting out a tired routine either.  Appearance wise, both were exactly as envisaged and I had no complaints at all.  Personality (and yes, for some of us it matters!), Moniq is the antithesis of the stereotype Romanian service provider and Lily is a smiley and engaging Scot and both were friendly, amusing and good company from the word go.

Services - as mentioned this wasn't a bucket list meeting where I wanted to trawl anyone's likes list.  It mainly consisted of vast amounts of extremely high quality OWO, doses of RO, a spot of GonG oral, Lily playing with her wand while Moniq provided a little assistance with her fingers, Moniq trying Lily's wand out and deciding it could become dangerously addictive, loads more high quality OWO, moving to the most mirrored hotel bathroom I've ever seen to enjoy the view of them both working from every angle possible and then finally deciding I couldn't hold off any longer.  I said I didn't care where it went and "when it is out it is out so feel free to avoid" but there was no hint of dodging and Lily made sure she caught every drop before kissing Moniq.  These are two extremely high quality service providers who wanted to provide the best service rather than the least service they could get away with.

Would I recommend?  Hell yes.  It isn't the cheapest way to get your rocks off but it is proof that you get what you pay for in life.  Sell a kidney if you have to.

Scotland / Lily Whitexx - Glasgow Tour
« by Oscar13 on October 12, 2016, 01:10:14 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

Really good comms., initially saw via UKe that Lily was touring Glasgow.  Followed this by emailing and booking via Adult Work. Given Lily's number the day before our meet.  On the day, Texted Lily checking all was still ok.  It was and the afternoon came soon enough.

I met with Lily on Friday afternoon for half an hour, £70, in well known City centre Hotel.  Access was really easy and Lifts were away from Reception area.

Having arrived I Texted Lily for details, headed up, knocked and Lily opened the door, standing behind the door. Once inside I thought She's not bad facially, Student like, not to skinny either with a nice pair of perky Boobs. :D :D :D

I was offered a Shower, declined as I'd washed before heading for meet. Offered a drink of water, which I accepted. Then I stripped off.

Over to the bed for some, in fact lots of kisses n Cuddles. I could feel my Cock getting real hard so Lily pulled off my Boxers and got to work, licking, sucking, wanking my Cock and licking my Balls. Pretty good DT. I felt almost ready to shoot so asked if we could have Sex. Lily put Condom on and proceeded to ride me Cowgirl, whilst I played with her Tits and and sucked her Nipples. More & more Kissing. Then I shot my load in the bag.  After this she asked if I wanted to lick her Pussy. Which I duely obliged. Tasted not bad.

Wanted to try and Shoot again so we tried Reverse Cowgirl and Wanking my Cock thus Lily licked, spat on my Cock as well as licking and playing with my Balls again. Didn't manage to shoot however all that soon changed when I asked if she could play with herself using Magic Wand. My this was a great idea as my Cock certainly got very stiff again whilst Wanking all the while watching Lily get right into using the Magic Wand. Lily really enjoyed me using my Fingers and Thumb, rubbing her Clit whilst she was using Wand.

She doesn't normally use Wand during Bookings as she usually squirts a lot if she uses it to the point where the Sheets would be soaked right through.

I had a really good time with Lily.  Having chatted a bit afterwards I probably stayed just under an hour.  Lily seemed quite happy to go with the flow.  All in all I feel we did alot and yeah I would see Lily again when she's back in Glasgow.
Scotland / lilywhitexx/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on October 09, 2016, 03:39:15 AM »
45 mins - £90
Contacted lily on UKE initially about 2weeks ago ,then went through AW booking system..Got phone number sent through.All good ,comms wise.

Texted lily today then headed to the hotel in the city centre...Got there,texted and got the ok to go up to the room.

Door opened and the usual behind the door material..When she appeared from behind the door I was presented with a good looking ,slim girl with lovely wee Perky boobs..Her profile says 26,i personally thought she looked about 23(all good) ..

Offered shower but just had a quick freshen up as I showered beforehand..Back into the room and some good DFK then she stripped me off,and onto owo with me sitting at the edge of the bed..Some great owo at that..

She then got her underwear off and into 69,followed by mish while still some great DFK...I felt myself ready to cum so slowed down a bit ,then went on to cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl,which she instigated,and really went for it...Doggy next ,with both of us facing the mirror,then back to mish..

At this point we're a couple of sweaty messes,so lily suggests we take a shower together..which is a first for me on a booking..into the shower with some more DFK then she knelt down and asked for a facial,to which I dually obliged :) washed off and dryed then we had a wee chat before I got dressed and said my goodbyes..

45 min booking..was there about 55mins..lovely girl to get on with..some great sex,and shower action ..And would defo see again when she's back..

Scotland / Lillywhite Edinburgh
« by chico1000 on December 04, 2015, 10:13:56 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lilywhitexx
outcall 45mins £120 Edinburgh Hotel

Lilly had been on the hotlist for a while and I had been kind of impressed by her attitude on here and some of her photo's looked stunning. So contacted her and arranged an out-call.  Communications were excellent emails and texts answered promptly, professionally with a hint of flirting.
My hotel room turned out to be quite tricky but Lilly managed to circumnavigate all the obstacles with ease.  Her texts to keep me updated on her progress were  very reassuring.  She turned up in nondescript clothing and had obviously breezed past reception. Once in the room she got changed into the requested outfit and it was that black stringy body stocking outfit in her photos and she looked gorgeous. Sorry bit lazy here but there is loads of reviews of her describing her appearance and services and mostly all them are accurate as is her profile from what I can see.  Loads of services were offered and expertly delivered and probably a couple of new ones.  I asked her to use her imagination and boy has she got an imagination. A total wee (slightly alternative) mynx. Great company and a fantastic escort.
So the positives were did I mention she had excellent communication skills.  No... so Ill repeat that emails answered promptly and professionally.  So the negatives were reception took far to long in the drinks arriving and Edinborro's tram service is crap. Not a patch on the weegies clockwork orange. But I do like a lot of your working girls.
Scotland / Lilywhitexx - Edinburgh
« by Ally McFeel on October 02, 2015, 10:24:04 PM »
Talked about a fair bit on this forum already so I decided to go see her a few months ago, finally getting round to putting up a review. I'll keep it brief.

link: https://www.adultwork.com/1471679

Flat on a fairly quiet street in the Fountainbridge/Polwarth sort of area of town. Easy enough to find. Place was clean and tidy.

She was easy to get a hold of over AW, comms were good.

Lily is a slim brunette in her 20s. Could maybe be described as a girl next door type but with a few tattoos. She's well spoken and easy to get along with. I liked her.

Things got started with some DFK and really good OWO. I managed to sample most of what she advertised, even a bit of filming which was great fun. She seemed to genuinely enjoy herself which was bonus.

PROS: Nice girl, good body, good at what she does, good comms, no 'extras' that you have to shell out more cash for
CONS: Can't really think of any genuine negatives
Scotland / Lillywhite
« by seeker on August 25, 2015, 08:55:34 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or http
Now I've been trying to see Lillywhite over the course
Of last year and this year . .
She's just my type ..young, skinny and lovely wee tits ...
I have tried to see her on 4 different occasion over the two years
When she has been in Glasgow
Usually a day trip for her ....
I'm not able to go to Edinburgh. ...time restraints  :(
Every time she has been here her "available "is on
BUT no phone number  :unknown:
And as always I have emailed her asking for a booking .
NOW this is why I have given her a negative
Out of the 11 emails sent over the two years NONE
have even been read ..
Ffs why be available for some whoring
And not have a phone number or read your emails  :unknown:
Have I seen her NO
Would I see her know .. NO
These gas cookers from Edinburgh like to fuck us
Glasgow punters about I think . :angry: :mad:
Well Lilly you can fuck off back to Edinburgh
Il see a Glasgow wg who wants to earn  :thumbsup:
You illiterate, lazy, not too sure if you want to be
Still hooking prossie.
Scotland / Lilywhitexx - Edinburgh
« by pete-piper on August 20, 2015, 10:58:50 AM »
I know Lily is popular and has been reviewed quite a few times but not for a little while that I can see so thought I would update.

https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lilywhitexx

Caught up with Lily after a VERY long absence. Probably well over two years ago.
To be honest I hadn't returned because I didn't think she was that good looking but the room I saw her in was very dark.

All comms by email till the booking was made on AW then address and contact details were sent. No problem finding the place and not left hanging around. I was even a little early. Modern(ish) flat in an otherwise older area of Edinburgh.

So glad I decided to return. She's a very, very pretty young lady with a nice, slim body (Mummy tummy but that didn't bother me). Wearing a short, sexy little summer dress.  :thumbsup:

All listed services delivered with enthusiasm. Never felt rushed and she was always open to suggestions (even had some of her own).

I certainly wont be leaving it so long to return next time.

Scotland / Lilywhitexx - Edinburgh Incall
« by Greedo on March 17, 2015, 09:04:52 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

1hr Incall = £130

Met Lily a few weeks ago at her new flat -  very safe residential area with plenty of on street parking (metered) plus think there is a small private car park behind her block that she said was also fine to use.

Comms with Lily beforehand were great, contacted her early on day to enquire but unfortunately she already had booking.  She then contacted me a couple of hours later to ask if still wanted to book for orig time as orig booking hadn't been confirmed.  Short notice but within 40 mins I was meeting her for first time.

After quick friendly chat and shower returned to room and Lily wasted no time in starting some very intense DFK then dropped to her knees for some amazing deep OWO that nearly had me popping before we even reached the bed.  She's facially a very cute, natural looking girl with a very friendly chatty manner that set me at ease quickly -  was feeling a bit nervous after last minute slightly rushed arrangement but that didn't last long!!

Then moved to bed and got her out her tiny black dress and classy undies to reveal a very petite, toned body with nice sized boobs and the most silky soft skin, especially attractive bum and unique tattoos.

Loads of passionate kissing continued throughout the whole booking - next hour passed in  a flash with loads more OWO, 69, fingering, doggy, flat-doggy and lots of very energetic cowgirl.  She does have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and genuinely does make you feel like she's getting really into it - exactly what a GFE should be but rarely actually is.

Eventually finished off with some more OWO and hands into her mouth which she gulped down and came back up for a last big snog.

Nice wee chat again afterwards while I got dressed, not rushed out in any way at all, then I realised I'd never actually sorted paperwork beforehand so quickly sorted that out before heading off.

Overall best GFE meeting I've had with genuinely nice natural Scottish girl who has very passionate dirty side to go with her cute girl next door looks and personality - just my cup of tea!!

Very cute looks and personality
Passionate kissing throughout
Excellent OWO technique (inc CIM/Swallow)
Very energetic and enthusiastic
Great taste in music!

Towels maybe not fluffy enough for some
Ummm not much else really

RETURN VISIT -  definite yes if can sort out suitable time slot soon.
London / Lily White - London Visit - Scotish Swallower
« by Bigus Dickus on February 01, 2015, 04:28:31 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

Lily's been on my hot list for a while after seeing our porridge eating brethren North of the Border reviewing her on here. Her picture of her defiantly flashing her tits out of the hotel window attracted me too as I like a little attitude in prossies! Just a little bit though!

Location was a small but modern hotel near Euston Road. Comms were effective and without any problems! I was looking forward to fucking Lily as her profile pictures showed that she had my favourite body type. My pods were as fully loaded as a Dominos pizza by the time of the punt. I'd not had a chance to empty them for a while. When Lily text me the location the evening before the punt I got a stonker on in anticipation. I resisted the temptation to polish it a bit, saving it up for Lily!

Punt day arrived and I was at the hotel. Lily text me the room number and I was in the hotel in a flash and bounding up to her room.

The slow door opening and I am in then room. She emerged from behind the door and I was a bit disappointed! She wasn't wearing a bag on her head!  :lol: Anyone following another thread about her will get it. Lily in fact is a very pretty girl with that next door look. She is super slim, size 6-8 just like her photos. She wore a short LBD as requested.

There were signs that Lily has experienced motherhood but she looked great and this is not something that bothered me in the slightest.

A bit of chat and money dealt with and she was straight on DFK. She obviously enjoys a snog as it was full and passionate. She then stared stripping me and more kissing and her rubbing her crotch against my expanding cock! I popped my fingers into her knickers whilst she was kissing me and then into her snatch, which was hot and getting wet. I also felt that she was nice and tight too!

We then got on the bed and her wandering hands unleashed my cock! It popped out of my boxers like a newly switched on light saber!  8 ======D  :dance:

Lily then started some damn fine DT OWO! She, like many other girls, couldn't quite get it all inside! She did try her best. Lily's noshing skills are highly recommended! She has a nice firm technique and uses her tongue whilst in deep. She reminded me of American Pie, Kylie James who did something similar.

We moved into 69 and I enjoyed licking Lily's clean and sweet tasting spam purse!  :wacko:

I gave her a good licking and popped a tongue into her sherriff's badge for a briefy time.

She really enjoyed this and she started to rub her cunt along my tongue. This turned me on and together with the cock sucking, I deposited a load of pent up baby glue down Lily's throat. Lily swallowed the lot and sucked me clean afterwards!

After pop1 we had a chat about life and punting. Lily spent the time cuddling me or rubbing my chest etc. After some recovery time and a drink of water she started rubbing the Dickus once more! The fucker was straight up again and didn't need much coaxing at all. More DT OWO had me fizzing to fuck her. Rubber on and she was on top riding me. Lily has a nice tight cunt. She rode me for a while and varied her stroke. I then grabbed her arse and give her a bout of intense pumping. This had the effect of her breaking out into a big smile and you could see that she was getting turned on. She met my pneumatic pummelling of her from below with some enthusiastic cock riding and we swapped control back and forward. I asked her to swap to reverse cowgirl and we had another enjoyable fuck fest in this position. She told me that she hadn't been expecting a good pounding! Hey missus us older boys still know a few tricks from our youth!  :wackogirl:

I was ready to deploy more spunk so we whipped off the rubber and she used those great noshing skills to take another load of cum down her throat, instantly swallowed! She then popped up and gave me a spunky kiss!  :crazy:

At this point we had about 10 minutes left. I took 5 minutes to catch a breath and then I had a nice shower. She only had a small towel left but it was clean!  I left a few minutes after the hour a happy chap with balls well and truly empty (for now)

It was good to meet Lily this times as I missed her previous tour! A good shag and worth a meet in my opinion. I was going to film her but I totally forgot as I was enjoying myself so much!

£130 for the hour. 69, multiple positions, OWO, DT, DFK and swallow! A good value punt!


London / lilywhitexx
« by hendrix on February 01, 2015, 12:22:05 PM »
Background: In between my PSE filth fests with Alex/KDD and NikkiDevine/KDD, I thought I'd like something a bit gentler (hendrix, you fairy!) and Lily had come to my attention when she was last in London and although we didn't get to meet that time, her comms left an impression on me.

Short version:

Excellent GFE style punt with a lovely, warm, friendly, witty girl with superb BJ skills!

Long version:

I was actually feeling a little under the weather but decided to go ahead anyway. Arrived at Lily's hotel on time and after a brief chit chat she was soon snogging my face off, including some tongue in ear action which I wish more girls did! so under-rated! reminded me of 6th form which we both had a giggle about.

A truly superb (and long!) owo followed, something Lily excels at, and I've had a few to compare to! :D Onto some mutual wanking, Lily loves being fingered and got very wet, encouraging me to put more fingers in and I'm pretty sure that given more time, she'd be a squirter :cool: Some cowgirl followed, but I was struggling  :dash:  :cry: so back to the very sensual bj and I eventually spunked in her mouth which she swallowed.

A different type of punt for me, but highly enjoyable. She looks exactly like her pictures, though I think she's prettier in the flesh than the face pic in her pg. Cracking arse! I'll definitely repeat next time she's in London and I'll hopefully be in better nick :D

https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx
Scotland / Lilywhite xx - Amazing punt...
« by tazman1002001 on December 20, 2014, 11:50:47 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

After reading so many reviews and so much positive feedback about lily i had the oppurtunity to meet up. i saw Lily over a week ago in Glasgow's West End in a hotel ....

As it was a smaller hotel I was a bit worried about going in, however as soon as you go through the front door the stairs are right there so no issues and these stairs are out of sight of reception.Good comms with lily and it was a nice build up to the meet and I was really looking forward to seeing her even though I was still jet lagged.

Lily opened the door in the usual style of being behind the door .....so was a bit worried about how she might look, Lily isn't the usual body style of girl I normally see as she is petite ......in terms of her looks she was a real cute and had a teen look about her....she was wearing high heels and a tight skirt that showed off her cute ass and a nice loose blouse.......

Started with some chatting and had a laugh at what we had both expected each other to look like lol....then started with some kissing.......now this girl has to be one of the greatest most intense kisser I have ever met.....now this is both in personal and punting life......it was dfk....sucking tongues .....kissing hard......lightly biting lips.....WOW...... All of my tiredness from my last few days was away and I was rock hard in my jeans.

I jumped in for a quick shower to freshen up .....lovely usual hotel bathroom but it had heated towel rails so I was really happy lol...... Out of the shower and Lily was on the bed with her short skirt still on and her top off...... She has nice small breast with great nipples......and Lily was also commando.

Onto some more kissing and then Lily started OWO ...... Now this is the second amazing thing about Lily ......she has the most amazing sloppy blow job and does the most amazing deep throat ever.....now she is small but managed to deep throat......I'm not exaggerating when I saw my cock was hitting the back of her throat.....she was gagging hard.....now I've never experienced that before and it was out of this world. Also loved the fact that Lily kept checking how I was doing and was easing off on the deep throat when she knew I was close to cumming......lily also has a great way to handle my cock with her tiny hands....she had to use both hands and this looked great lol.

After this moved onto some 69 this girls pussy tasted great and her ass is to die for did a bit of rimming on her ass hole that tasted great.....I bit her ass a few times when she was deep throating me as I was in so much pleasure.... On with the bag and as I lay on my back got Lily to climb on top .......Lily is very tight and initially lily was on her knees and I was deep in side her......she leant in and we kissed as I fucked her, then got Lily to move off her knees and into her feet...and I get my hands under her ass and helped her bounce on my clock and we fucked hard......Lily was joking and saying no one has made her work so hard and sweat so much all day ..........I came hard and Lily let me ride out my climax....WOW.

Lay back down together and Lily helped me clean up......and some more nice gentle kissing and a lovely bit of cuddling...... What a great punt........as I mentioned not the usual looks or body style i go for but I'm now a convert .....I will def see Lily again and as much as my punt was more GFE I know there is def a more kinky side to Lily that I like love to see.

Lily has only limited days and availability she works so that maybe a downside in being able to see her but I would highly recommend her to everyone .....you will not be disappointed as she offer a 10/10 service .....a definite POSITIVE experience....
London / Found another Lily but this one is Scotish
« by Hornydevil247 on December 04, 2014, 08:06:37 PM »

Was due to have two punts today but the first one cancelled 25 mins before our scheduled time.  :dash:

Second punt was Lilywhite who was down from Scotland on tour.


Comms - Sent an email to Lily asking about her availibity. Prompt reply and we agreed a date and time. Sent me a text this morning confirming punt location.

Venue - Nice Rental apartment not from tube station.

Event - Turned up to see Lily dressed in some nice black underwear. The fun began with with a session of DFK, then fingered her pussy, more DFK and fingering her pussy, 69 followed by me fucking Lily in MISH with some DFK thrown in till I popped

I asked Lily if I could film her giving me a blow job and she obliged. No high fives from me either on this filming.

Another session of DFK and 69, fingering her pussy which she loves and gets very wet and more
fucking with Lily on top and then popped in MISH.

Ended the session with more DFK and fingering Lily's pussy.

Summary - Great first punt with a newbie. Lily provides a great service and genuinely enjoys what she does. I can compare her to my other favourite, Lilyhart in many ways. She is back in London in January and would see her again.  :thumbsup:

Decided on a second punt this afternoon and saw Hazel Kitty for an hour for another great session.

Had 8 great punts over the last seven days seeing Dee/Lucy, Analqueen, LilyHart, Ameera, Adele, Dee and finally Lilywhite and Hazel Kitty.

PS Herbie This is my last review for a while  :cool: PW A couple of these great punts are down to your reviews so thanks  :drinks:

HD :diablo:

Scotland / Lilywhitexx (Edinburgh)
« by gorgie tony on November 28, 2014, 02:09:16 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx

Flat just off Leith Walk.

Pictures accurate, excellent time, great dfk.

Shame she's not always in Edinburgh now, would see again.
Scotland / lilywhitexx - Edi
« by Whore_Monger on June 09, 2014, 06:24:08 PM »
Just seen https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 or https://www.adultwork.com/lilywhitexx earlier today.

So made comms by email and she replied pretty quick agreed on a time & gave her my no so far so good.

Arrived and I was greeted to a rather attractive and sexy looking Lily wearing what I can only call due to my lack of vocabulary - Lingerie
She has a nice friendly innocent looking face and a nice slender body, some tats also, although not off putting.

I would describe her as friendly, confident, sexually adventurous and very horny (I don't think you can fake that) I also asked her about her Cinema offer haha BJ in a cinema, tempting! Dunno if I'd pay 100 bucks though maybe ticket + 40 + popcorn, that's something you save for period week Lily, no? Anyway...

She offers OWO and FK which I duly accepted and thought she was good at both and smells pretty good as well, I think I could smell a little wine on her breath so lunch time tipples I think lol

I opted for a quickie on this occasion, I'll probably go longer next time, good clean naughty fun.  :dance:

Happy days  :)
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