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Miranda Rose xxx

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Scotland / Miranda Rose - Glasgow
« by Dakota on December 23, 2016, 11:00:33 AM »
Two weeks ago, I created a Reverse Bid on AW for a meeting after work and waited to see what happens.  On this occasion I had about 6 offers but quickly whittled it down to a short list of 3, who were all Scottish with lots of feedback.

After studying their profiles, extensive feedback on AW and any references on here I opted for Miranda Rose.   I accepted the booking on AW with 24 hours notice and there was a short exchange of messages to establish address details etc and answer a few questions about parking, shower on arrival etc..


On reflection Miranda's replies to my messages were quite brief but I am not holding that against her.   On the day I confirmed that all was still OK and got the conformation I requested.

My first problem was parking.  While I was told via messages there was plenty of parking nearby, this wasn't true - there was nowhere within a couple of hundred yards where I could legally park so finished up on a side street which seemed like 1/2 a mile away.   I hadn't planned on parking problems or the long walk, but still managed to get the main building door by the allotted time.

I then rang the mobile but alas no answer until the 3rd time of trying, and was given some excuse about no credits on her phone to call me back and a flat number on 4th floor.  Located the lift and then realised it needed a password so had to hoof it up 4 floors.   Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by a lady that resembled her profile pictures, however I was 10 minutes late in getting there which I didn't put down to my fault.

Flat looked reasonably comfortable so I am thinking this still might be OK, but the niggling little faults continue.  I ask for quick shower but have to hold it up with one hand while washing with the other.  By now I am about 15 minutes into the booking and she declares she isn't quite ready and needs to go and brush her teeth etc .... I am now thinking standard time wasting tactics but surely not required when I am already on borrowed time.

Anyway waiting patiently on the bed I am then offered a back massage (but politely refuse, having read it was pretty crap on here) and ask her to lie beside me so that I can do a bit of exploration, but this seemed to through Miranda out of her routine and she just did not seem comfortable not being in control.   I tried to relax her with some reverse oral, which I am generally complimented upon, but no I felt she was trying to crush my head between her thighs and restrict my movements so gave up on that ...

I knew there was no kissing at all really allowed in the meeting, so no blame for that, but I wouldn't book someone like that again.

Service continues with Miranda instructing me to lie back for some oral, which wasn't memorable and didn't last long before she converted to hand relief and it was pretty rough to say the least.  I though she was trying to start a camp fire with my cock she was rubbing that hard.

At that point I just didn't want to be there any more, so asked her to lie back and quickly and gently deposited my load over her ample tits - had a quick wash and clean up, made my excuses and left.

As I drove home I found it incredible that this lady had so much positive feedback on AW. I am always a gentleman with all the ladies that I meet and have never had a sniff of bad feedback so cant imagine it was anything I had done. 

A few days later I get an email from the very same lady - she realised that things hadn't gone well at our meeting and wanted to put things right by offering me a free 30 minutes.  She said she would explain what had gone wrong when we met.

I'm not generally one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and thanked her for the offer, but also asked her to send me a message as to what had gone wrong in advance of us meeting again..  In my own mind the last thing I was wanting was round 2 of what had gone before.   But alas after waiting for 1 week there has been no further communication between us.

All in all just a bad experience and a waste of time that I though should be shared.

Have a good Xmas guys and choose wisely next time



Scotland / Miranda Rose xxx Glasgow
« by randydandy2013 on November 10, 2016, 12:02:46 PM »

Half hour booking £60 in modern top floor flat in Maryhill with lift if needed, close to fire station.
Had made booking the day before by phone and confirmed on the day by text. When I phoned when nearby Miranda seemed a bit stressed out and was running late so had to wait 5 mins for her to get ready.

When I got to her door I could hear Miranda talking to someone on the phone. I had asked Miranda to wear suspenders, stockings, basque and heels and was disappointed when she opened the door in suspenders, stockings and basque with slippers on. She is very small and i'd say less than the 5'2" that she has on her profile. Was shown to the room where Miranda put a sheet over the bed and said for me to get comfortable. I did notice a nice pair of heels that she appologised for not having the time to put on before opening the door. Miranda then left the room as i got down to my boxers for 5 mins and could hear her talking to someone again on the phone as the radio played in the bedroom.

She retuned to the bedroom and I paid her and she put her heels on so I stood up thinking it would be nice to have a kiss and cuddle and get my hands on her body before lying on the bed. She said to lye down and lose the boxers and started playing with my cock and OWO with spitting which was good as I played with her tits. She then sat on my face and grinded away until she came. Then it was on with the condom and some cowgirl until I filled the bag. After a quick clean up and chat i was on my way.
The main reasons why I have rated this a neutral is not ready and wearing slippers, dissapeared for 5 mins and no kissing although she doesn't have this listed on her likes list. I never noticed this until after my booking and wouldn't have booked. I have also noticed that other reviews on here don't mention kissing.
Scotland / Miranada Rose
« by bangwanin on July 23, 2016, 10:36:45 PM »

Went to see this lady earlier on this evening, good comms and a chat on the phone before hand to discuss what I was after and requested she dress up for me....found her place no problem with plenty of parking at her building, text for the flat number and up I  went..top floorbut lift available...met at the door dressed as requested, white basque with stockings and suspenders, very nice looking girl for her age, petite with huge bangers.....paperwork sorted and into the bedroom which was clean and tidy...started off with a bit of a chat then straight down for a BJ..lots of spit and plenty eye contact to go with it..returned the favour and her pussy tasted great, after that it was on with the bag and she gave me a  bit of cowgirl, then some doggy and finished up splashing on those huge bangers she has...left with a smile on my face....would I return for more ? absolutely....good vfm for £60 ..
Scotland / miranda rose glasgow
« by bigbell on July 01, 2016, 10:15:59 AM »
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was intrigued by this lady, good feedback and seems to have been around for a while,so i got in contact with her, initial fone call with what was on offer and what was expected,seemed good and i made a half hour booking @£60 for the next day,kept in touch with texts the next day and when i confirmed her postcode was sent.i knew the area, but asked for a landmark near to her flat, she replied straight away, it was in the maryhill area, i know it well and i knew parking may be a problem, txt her to say i was near by and she told me address with directions to private parking, a few spaces under her luxury new build flat, top floor in a 4 storey building, elevator available,

met her at the door and she was dressed to please, heels ,stockings,slip with matching bra and pants,her pics dont do her justice, she is much prettier in the flesh, no make up and was petite, i was dying to see her naked , so gave the folding stuff, and started to undress.
she was chatty and asked me to lie face down in the bed, more of a tickle than a massage,then rubbed her boobs over my back, time to turn over and what a pair of boobs she has ,firm and upright, and she was playing her nipples,she then invited me to have a play,could play with them all day given the chance
she slipped her knickers off, nice hairy rug,and even better to touch, owo was good plenty spit and took it really deep,with plenty tongue up and down especially the "japs eye" apologies to the p c brigade, then she did some face sitting, and she really goes for it, her pussy was getting wetter,and as i could see her boobs bouncing, i was more than happy to let her continue till she came, no loud screaming, just a groan and extra fluid,she seemed happy and said it was good to get pleasured in this way
more owo, then asked if i was ready for sex, bag on and her on top,she was full on that the bed was banging against the wall,tried a bit of doggy, which she liked, then on to mish,good as she was slapping my thighs and bringing me close by pulling me to her, was enough for me to pop,we must have enjoyed it as we were both hot and sweaty, laid back and let her clean me

comms, good,fone and txts ,directions
apartment, luxury with private parking
vfm, very good, i was there just over 35 mins
w g, nice firm body,cracking boobs, and tight puss,and petite ,no make up ,chatty, easy to get on with
will need to get back soon, she does this part time, so timing maybe a problem for me 
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