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South East / Sensual lara (Basingstoke)
« by king tarzan on February 09, 2017, 03:46:22 PM »
Very stunning sexy Eastern European woman.
English is really shit... just about communication when face to face but the deep tongue kissing makes up for her lack of verbals..
anyway I don't need verbals I need heavyweight snoggies!!

Extremely pretty model face
About 5'4 height
Nice fit figure size 8
Nice juicy medium to large boobies real ones!

Lots of passionate dfk
Lots of good oral without condom on my truncheon
Lots and lots of mango licking
Good missionary sex

Round 2 foreplay all same
But this time sucking truncheon till cim

Very good sexual encounter

What turned me on sexy black dress with
No knickers or bra underneath!!

Very highly recommended

Brilliant bargain price for a world class looking stunner!!

Gfe SERVICES 10/10


Saw her in Basingstoke
Also communications can be shitty
London / Laraa - tours satellite towns around London
« by mrhappypants on November 23, 2016, 09:49:51 AM »

Beautiful but dishonest and idle.

FK, HJ, BJ, CIM, Penetration (doggy and mish) £130 per hour with a number of advertised services declined in the meeting.

Comms are poor.  Across a range of aspects of the meeting I found her unreliable. I had a couple of arrangements fall through because she did not confirm at the agreed time.  She typically starts answering the phone just before 11.00, starts work about 1.00 and generally only accepts bookings on the day (eg she is flaky and doesn’t know if she will be in a fit state to work until she wakes up).  Coms were patchy right up to the door; she actually failed to buzz me through the main door and I had to get in through someone else entering (a first for me). 

She moves around always working in satellite suburban towns but be warned that the location I visited her was misrepresented on her profile and significant journey from the station.  She holds off giving the postcode when you call which, I suspect, is because the difficulty reaching her puts off a lot of punters. She is also working with others and I could her mate getting a good rogering through the session.

It is important not to miss out the positive.  She has a beautiful face (nine) with fine features, captivating eyes and possibly the prettiest girl I have ever had sex with. She is at the standard of the best of her photos (lieing down in the black body). In the flesh she bears less resemblance to Kate Middleton than I see in her photos but she is non-the-less strikingly beautiful.   Her body is also a low eight with generous bosom but a little chub around her tummy and bottom and what looks like a birth mark on her leg.  The presentation was reasonable. She is mid 20’s and a dress size 8.  The photos in the black body are representative.  I had no concerns about hygiene.

Service was poor, at the end of the session she admitted she had very little sleep the night before.  It was boring, detached and rude.  After CIM she grimaced and ran to the bathroom; judging by her reaction mainlining heroine, smoking crystal meth and the asparagus smoothies may have made my junk a trifle funky.  I think she has good skills but the lack of any effort was just unacceptable.  It was quite stunning how dull such a beautiful girl can be.

I will say a word to the rating.  Laraa was recommended by another punter whose opinion I trust.  She was a poor value punt for me.  Because of her looks some of you will be interested and, if you are not put off by the attitude and lack of effort, her looks are appealing.  Her rates have gone up 30% over the past three months. I have rated a neutral as some will certainly be interested in her.  Know what you are letting yourself in for.

South East / sensual laraa - Maidenhead
« by rubric on September 11, 2016, 08:16:57 PM »
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3244643

Appointment: I arranged to see laraa maybe 3-4 hours beforehand. Got a postcode, which was enough for me when driving to Maidenhead, I guessed that within the post code it would be one of several blocks containing short term apartments so wasn't too worried about finding the place itself. Spoke on the phone to a girl with reasonably english, if somewhat less than friendly, from previous reviews assumed it was the maid. Got there 10 minutes beforehand and then texted for the address, got a reply asking me to wait for a few minutes. 10 minutes later no response, so texted again asking if she was ready to see me, 10 more minutes pass before I get a reply saying that she was - with no postcode  :dash:. Ask for a postcode - at this point I'm about to give it up as a bad job, but 5-10 minutes later get a postcode. Make it into the apartment about half an hour later than originally requested time.

Location: Apartment in block that is mostly serviced, I'd guess. Tidy and clean inside, two bedrooms back to back, the other of which was occupied during the time I was there - but seemingly not much noise floats between the two, as I couldn't hear the other couple except when I go to the loo. Shower reasonable.

Description: It's definitely the girl in the photos, however I'd say the photos were taken a couple of years ago, or she's put on a certain amount of weight in a short space of time. She's in still in reasonable shape, but not the sylph like nymph in the photos, bit of a tummy, okay but slightly flabby arse, the biggest impact is in her legs as she is quite short, so even a little bit of weight makes her look slightly dumpy rather than slim. Her english was quite poor, but sufficient for me to ask for an hour and for her to accept. She has a slight scar over one lip - which meant that she looked like she had a slight pimple on her top lip. Greets me in underwear with a throw over the top.

Experience: She takes the money, and comes back in and joins me on the bed. I make a little smalltalk which she obviously only semi understands, so I go in for kissing. She's happy to kiss, so I stand up and she follows me to her feet. I try tongue, she allows very light FK before leaning back - which she continues to do whenever I try and kiss deeper. I guide her hands to my shirt buttons and she takes the hint and undoes my shirt, I take her throw off before guiding her in completing my disrobing. As we kiss I ask her for oral, she gets down and starts oral. It's okay, nothing special, though as mentioned she uses a lot of saliva. We move to the bed to continue, eventually I ask for the condom - which is applied along with lube - I take off her panties and slide into her from behind. I don't get much response from her so slip into missionary - she closes her eyes and fake moans - eventually I come.

We separate, and rather than going for the tissues straight away, she's happy to lie there next to me while I stroke her breasts - so I go for kissing again, and again she leans her head back (should mention as always I cleaned my teeth several hours before the appointment and only had breath mints to eat after). So obviously not that keen on heavy kissing/FK. So I ask for a massage - she applies a reasonable amount of pressure - after 10 minutes or so when I roll over I realise I've been liberally covered with oil though. She disappears into the toilet to wash her hands, she comes back and things are somewhat stilted, she doesn't appear to want to move things on. Eventually I ask if I can have a shower, she seems somewhat surprised that I don't want sex again  :dash:

When I come back, she's playing on her phone. She converses a little with me while I dress, continuing to play with her phone - seemingly fairly relaxed, so it wasn't like she was trying to rush me out to make another appointment.

Rating: Neutral, somewhat swayed by other reviews here. I think it's a borderline negative, but maybe it was just chemistry/seeing her later in the day. I think - weight aside - she could probably give a good service, it just seems that its fairly variable atm, and the booking snafu doesn't impress - it's not like I made last minute plans.
London / sensual laraa (Piccadilly Circus W1)
« by The_Don on August 30, 2016, 07:44:27 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3244643 or https://www.adultwork.com/sensual+laraa

IMO this punt was just boarding a positive for me vs the neutral and negatives.

I like to thank those who reviewed laraa before

Hand job
Penetration (Protected)

£120 per hour (better VFM may be found locally [W1] at or below this rate, IMO).

Comm's: Via phone calls and text's (Sergei/maid) laraa, English is very limted, boarding 10-15%.

Location: Flat in Piccadilly Circus. Small bedroom basic but usable and an Ikea bed that wasn't up to the task
A shower cube on the side of the room that 3 people can fit into  :D  but no toilet or basin to wash hands.
Permit zones / pay and display  = Mon - Sat 08:30 - 18:00  less than 5 min walk.
Tube = Piccadilly Circus, a 5min walk

Would I visit again:  may be

are fair, with only a little touching up

The girl: Short to Mid to brown hair, size 6-8 (is fair) 5 foot 2, early to mid 20s (looks young, for her stated profile age).
Real tits (C cup) and ok shapely A$$ (for her size) but she had a what looked like some scaring.

Plus + A very good and willing attitude/service, once she understood what I was asking for. Assisted shower was fun :thumbsup:

Neutral: Commutation due to language, was an issue but she tried.

Negative: Clearly back to back booking but I got my full time.

I will add,

She Lithuanian and not polish as the profile states. She has nice body and gave some very good eye contact, during this punt.
For the most part an ok to good punt. With a good looking and willing W/G, IMO.  :thumbsup:

Comms were poor, at first I got the "can we txt" message after calling. But learned not to take that as an option, first time I punt a W/G.
Unless I know, from another trusted punter that the best way to book a W/G.
I had to chase for the post code to be send to me and the next punter was waiting in the flat before I left (not in sight and not on the street)
So it looks like very little down time, in between punters :thumbsdown:

As always, YMMV with any W/G

Below is a current picture (+album), and profile:

South East / sensual laraa - Maidenhead
« by pisceanuk on August 20, 2016, 10:58:41 PM »
Now where should I start. Read someone mentioning her over here and when I checked her profile I liked what I saw.

https://www.adultwork.com/3244643 or https://www.adultwork.com/sensual+laraa

Booked for a certain time but when I reached she was not picking and had to wait for 30 mins in my car. I was getting bit pissed off and called few times and then it was picked and the girl at the other end rudely said wait for 5 mins and then after 10 mins I called again and then she sent full address.

Knocked the door and a beautiful petite girl opened it with a light smile on her face but looked bit serious. As an icebreaker, I went with my old phrase of "today is my birthday" and then a gorgeous smile crossed her face and she wished. Okay, I am on.

Her looks are a mix of Yelena Isinbaeva and Valeria Golino.

Seeked confirmation that she is doing OWO and kissing and she said yes. Finished with the paper work. She asked if I want a shower but I declined. Don't have enough time in 30 mins to take a shower and was not sure if she will count the shower time but think they do.

Her boobs were popping out of the bra and I was bit worried of the fake silicon ones wishing me pointedly to turn me off. However, I got lucky and they were real and nice :thumbsup:

Nice thin lips which I very much wanted to bite but realised its GFE but she is not my GF. Nice ass and a little tummy but not bad.

She seemed in no hurry (atleast in the beginning) and was taking it easy and lying with me, kissing etc. Then OWO but she was drooling a bit and suppose all W / Gs do that. Then kissing and then missh position, anvil, doggy etc. Then she did OWO again.

She reminded me that I am left with 5 mins and then I decided to cum. I should have gone for an hour.


Nice friendly girl

Very pretty and cute

Great body and reasonably tight


Bad time management

Bit of clock watching in the end

Will I go again - Yes, it was a great fuck after a long time and I enjoyed every minute.
South East / sensual laraa Maidstone great half hour
« by bill9 on July 15, 2016, 03:08:04 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3244643 or https://www.adultwork.com/sensual+laraa

Had a great half hour with Laraa in a nice apartment in a modern gated complex in Maidstone.
She's just as attractive in the flesh in a very natural way, great body. She gives a very passionate gfe with very responsive RO, great oral ....BUT after the first session it was like she went into shutdown mode, probably due to limited spoken English (I've never had a problem before). Found it very awkward in the end, I paid for an hour but due to no chance of building up any conversation I decided to leave after half an hour so can only give a neutral. If I'd paid for half an hour I'd give a positive.
Met Laraa recently. Haven't seen her for several months and by chance I find myself near to where she is.
The girl in the black leotard ( I think it is ) is the girl you will meet. She is truly naturally beautiful. And she is such a nice person. Her English is about 30%. Gorgeous face, beautiful smile sparkly eyes amazing body but not toned. She has perfect natural generous breasts with large aeroli, tanned all over, skin is so smooth. No tattoos as I recall, Lovely lips. She has lost weight since I last saw her and I wasn't complaining then. All her services were delivered with enthusiasm and she she made me feel great. Only down side is she clock watched, but she was in demand, so I guess she did have to keep an eye on the clock.
She did OWO and would have received OWO had I wanted. French kissing, but could of had a bit more tongue action- little reluctant but still very nice. She's not keen on fingering. We had covered sex in several positions when finally I CIM. There is a field report on AW which I would consider to be a mirror image of my experience.
Booked 30 minutes for £80. 1Hour would be £120.
She doesn't do her own phone and is done by an agency and then every thing is done by text. Didn't find this a problem although I was kept waiting 10 minutes. This wasn't a problem for me as I was keen to see Laraa again. And if possible I will see her again.
A lovely 30 minutes, which gets a positive from me.
South East / sensual laraa
« by zulu-lance on June 18, 2016, 05:15:41 PM »

Called 2 hours prior to confirm booking. Address provided by text. Started my 20 miles drive to Maidenhead, called her again  to confirm appointment on the way in, all okay she said. Got to location, called for flat number, no response.  Waited for a few minutes, called again, no response.  Sent her text that I'm here, sends reply that room is busy, apparently her friend is using it and  I will have to wait for 30-45 minutes and I am like WTF!  Called her again to give her a piece of my mind as I was really pissed. Gave me some bull about only 1 room being available and previous punter overstayed , I said then why did you commit when I called on the way in. She said no option but that I'll have to wait now, I said fuck off and hence  posting this review. I belive  she shares flat with these girls,
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3414695 and https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3248705 based on AW address profile match.  Beware guys, of these bloody timewasting whores. I also suspect there might be an element of B&S involved here.
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